Aries and Aries Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Aries and Aries

Aries are expressive, excitable, passionate and independent. Despite their reputation for being a formidable and focused go-getters in life, when it comes to matters of the heart they can also be quite romantic and sentimental.

An Aries and Aries pairing is a powerful union, yet it’s not without its challenges. At times it can be like looking in a mirror. Inevitably, both partners will unavoidably exhibit some of the same traits the other possesses — good, bad and indifferent. It can be unnerving and uncomfortable to see the best and worst of yourself through your own eyes, but it can also be enlightening and will lead to self-acceptance.

Love by Element:  Fire and Fire

When two fire signs like Aries and Aries get together, both want to be large and in charge, but they also be loved to be pampered. In addition, both enjoy the feeling of stability in relationships, while also maintaining a degree of autonomy. This can be quite a juggling act. Too much of one thing will leave them feeling bored and could lead them to create some mischief to get their partner’s attention. It’s the Aries way of fueling the fires that create excitement and passion. Therefore, having a good sparring partner (verbal, not physical) who can take what Aries dishes out and return it in kind is imperative. An argument fueled by fire can be epic, but it can also lead up to some extremely hot make-up sex.

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