What’s the Best Way to Manifest Career Stability?

What’s the single best way to manifest a new or more stable career in these tough economic times? We asked our talented and brilliant psychics what they thought, and got some very helpful insights:

Tammy ext. 9380 lays out the steps:

“1. First, stop listening to all the negative news reports out there. Statistics and odds mean absolutely nothing in the realm of manifestation. ‘What is’ is old news, and you are going to create something new.

“2. Secondly, open your mind to completely new possibilities. Your new job in this new era probably won’t look, feel, or sound like your old one did, so stop saying you ‘can’t do this,’ or ‘won’t do that,’ or ‘aren’t qualified.’

“3. Thirdly, meditate daily. I can’t emphasize the importance of even ten minutes of daily meditation to help you center yourself, and release resistance. Everyone has resistance to some degree, but those who are worried about money have the most, and resistance blocks your forward movement into change.

“4. Finally, visualize. Think and see yourself forward and cease all complaining about your situation now. Get into that feeling space of having the new job no matter what it takes. Do everything possible to be inwardly, genuinely happy. Happiness raises your vibration, and a high frequency always helps to manifest your desires, whether it’s a new job or anything else you desire. If you doubt that visualization can work for you, research how many hours of visualization Olympic athletes put in in addition to physical training, and you may decide it’s not such a chore after all!”

Maryanne ext. 9146 shares a personal anecdote to cast light on the situation:

“Loosening boundaries and expectations while thinking just a little bit outside the box has proven to be the single best way for my callers to stabilize their careers or manifest a new career in this tough employment market.

“’Janet’ and I worked together from the week she lost her job in a Fortune 500 company where she had worked for over sixteen years, earned a salary of over $200,000 and received a new company car each year. She was adamant that she could not ‘afford’ to earn less than $180,000.00 per year, and absolutely would not consider driving a car more than twelve months old for safety reasons. Janet wanted me to do a reading on whether she would be successful offering her services to her previous employer’s largest competitor. The industry Janet had worked in was a dying industry, and she was unlikely to find a position with her previous employer’s competitors, as those companies were shedding people at her salary level by the dozens. I mentioned to Janet that our next step would be to identify the strengths in her experience that could be transferred to other industries. Janet’s understandable fears had placed her squarely in denial, and she panicked – no change of industry, salary, or annual new vehicle.

“I heard from Janet five weeks later when her job search had proved totally unfruitful. The industry she had worked in was shrinking rapidly. A reading revealed that it would not come back to ‘full strength’ in the U.S. for 10-12 years. I did see, however, that her ability and experience in dealing with and very successfully bringing together the technical and sales sides of a major company was very marketable across a number of industries. ‘Ability? That’s just something I do every day! I can’t earn any money doing that!’ Janet and I chose five major companies in industries she declared ‘a total waste of time’ because she had not worked in them previously. She received two offers at her required salary level, and accepted one that also included a car allowance. Not the annual new company car she wanted originally, but not at all bad in this economy.”

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2 thoughts on “What’s the Best Way to Manifest Career Stability?

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  2. kikiscott

    Maryanne is the best! I haven’t spoken to her about career advice (Fortunately, I am employed in a job I love.), but I have sought her advice several times regarding the man I believe is my soul mate. I’m waiting for him to reach out to me “the third or fourth week in November,” which is RIGHT NOW! I’m using Maryanne’s words, guidance and connection to this guy and to the Universe to fuel my positive thoughts. Maryanne, if you read this, maybe you’ll remember who I am. And even if not — I hope you had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!


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