Career Coaching for an Uncertain Time

With the economy continuing to be less than cheerful, many remain in a funk about their prospects. Barack Obama’s efforts to quell the storm haven’t filled many with confidence… however, we have our own ways of instilling confidence. Meet our in-house economist Psychic Tansy ext. 5289, who offers some of the best psychic career coaching available. Check out some of her greatest hits…

Psychic Tansy’s Career Coaching. Tansy coaches a woman on how to find a new job after leaving a bad relationship and bad job and moving to a new town.

Career Coaching From Spirit Guides. Tansy explains how to turn to one of the best sources of aid in difficult financial times… your spirit guides!

A Perfect Career. What happens when you’re just not a good fit for a job?

Career Coaching: Move Sideways! What’s one of the best moves you can make when your last career didn’t work out? Choose a new career!

Or get Tansy’s expert guidance in person – take the next step in your career and go forward with confidence!

What’s ahead for your career? Find out with a psychic reading. Call 1.800.573.4830 or choose your psychic now.

2 thoughts on “Career Coaching for an Uncertain Time

  1. thelimelight

    Good Read, I needed to read that Tansy! Just moments ago, I had tears streaming down my face, worried about my unemployed status. Seha, Uli, Ciarra, and Pandora have given me so much hope over the year. Patience has been the key. Seha said the angels would be taking care of me and the next few months would be like walking under a rainbow. I would get a job and love will follow in the same month. I’ve been unemployed since August and all is well as Seha said it would be, but I’m just getting nervous because I’ve received more job rejections than job offers. I pray that a job will come this month as predicted by Seha and Uli. Heck, I’m more excited about the love part. It would be great to be with that special person on my birthday and still have my electricity on. lol


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