Trust the Divine Within

As many of us have sensed in one way or another, everything happens for a reason. There is intent and purpose to all that exists. The difficult part is in realizing this, is not allowing fear, fantasy or analytical thoughts to creep in which can hinder you in many ways. It’s important not to set your rules of behavior or determine your thought patterns through means of fear.

This planet is a living spiritual being. Life in so many forms has sprung forth on its surface. Everything needed for survival is available to us. I also believe that our planet is a beacon of sorts, which attracts not only ‘earth bound’ spiritual guidance, but also guidance from other realms. The ‘Earth Being’ is home to so many species and life forms, humans being the strangest of them all — which is truly remarkable once you think about it.

Humans are such an interesting mix of divine and savage. On a simplistic scale, we are divine when all of our own basic needs are met. We become savage when our basic needs are not met. For example, it is easy for someone with more than enough food to share some with a hungry person. On the other hand, if one’s child is starving to death, killing or stealing to save your child becomes first priority. This goes back to Chakras and self care. Starting with the root Chakra which deals with survival, up to the seventh Chakra which is our connection to the divine. If your foundation is not solid (your root Chakra), there is much difficulty in reaching ‘higher’ levels of consciousness. I could go on and on about Chakras, though I will spare you …On a less simplistic scale, we have more tendencies toward self destruction than any other creature. We also have the capacity to care for another like no other creature does. Two completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Many of us are being challenged on a basic survival level considering the economic situation we are in. For many people it feels as if they are working for nothing, or not working at all which can be frightening. Not working for many equals not eating or having adequate shelter. Again when the basics are not being met, the divine takes a back seat to fear.

Your connection to the divine does have an impact on how things turn out in your life. Keeping in mind that there are reasons and lessons in every situation we find ourselves in, is the first and most important step.  The divine inherent in you is connected to all that is, and is your greatest guide. While it is understandable to worry and stress about problems, taking time out each day to reconnect to the divinity in you is extremely healing. Listen to your body as well. That gut feeling or sudden knowing has much purpose and is your guidance speaking to you. Make time to get quiet and listen each day. Of course, asking for assistance when needed is helpful. The most important lesson we learn in life, in my opinion, is learning to trust ourselves … trust the divinity in you!

30 thoughts on “Trust the Divine Within

  1. Pheyphey

    Divine MotherThank you for all the wonderful blnegisss in my life.I have asked for your help in knowing how to move forward in my life. I feel like I have received guidance and potential opportunities in numerous directions more in ways of making money from other than spiritual work. I feel uncertain and confused and am having difficulty focusing my energy in any one direction or multiple ones. For such a long time i have not had sufficient energy Many of the options are outside my comfort zone. I feel some of the directions are meant to prepare me for action. But I feel overwhelmed and not able to take action. Are all these ways from you? Am I meant to choose something else to do until I’m ready? How will I know that I am ready?

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  10. Audie

    I love reading your articles, very inspiring and reminders of being positive in everything we do in life. We will learn to trust others if we first trust ourselves. How we think of others is the same thinking we have for ourselves. And in life , what comes around goes around. Thanks again for all the sharing , more power and good luck to you!

  11. Gail

    I appreciate Cheyennne’s article very much, but I want to
    respond to Robyn, bless your heart. I KNOW VERY WELL how you feel in your questioning God and what would be the reason for innocent to suffer unnecessarily. And it is almost insulting, and certainly lacking in compassion, to hear people saying that it happened for a reason – as if that’s the end of that, shut up and put a smile on your face and focus on the positive; and, what did you learn? You learn that life sucks sometimes and that THERE IS NOT A GOOD REASON for some of the suffering and atrocities we witness/experience. But, Robyn, the pain you are feeling WILL subside and you don’t have to pretend things are better than they are. You CAN still enjoy many things about your life and by just doing the basic things you know to do to get through the next day – like, eat decently, do some deep breathing , get your rest, tend to your responsibilities. Then consider asking whatever blessed energy is available to you, from whatever angels/spirits are around, to please come into your space and just state that you are receptive to goodness and loving help. This has helped me during the past couple of years of many upsets and unpleasant negative experiences that made me question all that you are questioning now. I send you my loving compassion, along with my powerful healing energy. And PLEASE KNOW that your darling animal/s are dancing around in light and freedom and you will seem them again one day. I send you a heart full of love.

  12. Raman

    yes exactly i agree with all of you, universe is always trying to guide us in some way but most of the tyms we do not pay attention to it. I keep all the articles along with my daily horoscope, it gives my me sense of being connected with the Divine and trust my intuitions and gut feelings. right now m at the worst phase in my relationship but still i feel that something is telling me that everything will be allright. I hav a gut feeling that yes everything will be fine, so m waiting for something good to happen in my life. And such kind of articles are realy healing and encouraging.

  13. yogita

    this is what I have always believed in but you know much of fear comes generally from people surrounding oneself; who are just not sure why and how something is happening to them infact i want to say that they dont actually trust themselves and at the same time they fail to realize that in the process they are being taught ot believe in self and others.
    i am myself a very positive person and every year I realize that the present for me is better than my past; this just reassures me that i am on the right track……I always prefer to look at the brighter side of life and so should others.
    thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece.
    wish you LUCK…..

  14. Robyn

    Gosh I am struggling at the moment to make sense of what is happeneing in my friends world. I really can not agree with you that everything happens for a reason. I cant see what good it is to take away a perfectly healthy animal that is well loved and looked after. I cant understand what the reason would be as the animal suffered a terrible death. Im sorry but there is NO reason that this should have happend to my lovely caring friends. I have totally lost faith in “God” or “Higher Powers”, if they existed, then this wouldnt happen. I question that there is a God.

  15. isha Kataria

    Hi Cheyenne !

    Fabulous Article !!
    It so nicely reeastablished what I believe in …….. Very Positive n it somehow eased the fear of not Believeing in Power of Self, which happens due to being caught up in daily circumstances.

    Congratulations once again on a Beautiful Effort … 🙂 !

    Isha !!

  16. binsu

    Yes, You are absolutely correct, the main thing in life is “LET GO” This is really important to let go off the Fear and whatever might have happened in one’s life , happens for a reason , so one should try to be good and know and understand their purpose in life. automatically the “Universe or the Divine will make your goals become real when asked wholeheartedly and with purity” .This is the essence of life.”

  17. Joseito Sosa

    How interesting just the other day a friend of mine who really I don’t know send me a book name The Master Key. It deals with this same subject. I have always seen this ritual perform by the Chinese and now that I have actual tried it I now realize that one can achieve anything providing that they believe in themselves.
    Just as Beauty likes within so does our power comes from within. Note: friends are many but true friends are very rear and somehow this gentleman that sent me this book is indeed one of these person for the gift came when I needed it most.

  18. SGeorge

    I agree with you both as nothing happens by accident, everything has a purpose and reason and by staying centered with daily meditation and chakra healing the devine will reveal that purpose to you. Staying focused, positive and connected allows the spirits, angels, guides to speak to you. However, as a person who has experienced many emotional trama’s in the past 5 years, really through out my life but primarily the past 5 years. I am keenly aware of the feelings of fear and uncertainty which can overcome you as hard as you try not to allow them to. Any suggestions to help refocus and center to gain wisdom and clarity in any stressful situation would be appreciated by all, I’m sure. Thank you and many blessings.

  19. Shiela

    Everyday I make it a point to check on my daily horoscope but I never read the articles you guys post but today you article captured my eyes, I had to read it word by word and its absolute truth. I have gone through difficult times in my life. Right now as I write this comment , I have been passed over for a promotion at work for third time. You know amazingly Im not sad, I have listened to divine in me and Iknow my job isnt what I want. I have always dreamed and prefered being self employed and the universe has been telling me to follow my dreams for the past three years and I didnt listen and I put my fears before everything.Thanks Cheyenne for your great article …It came when I just needed those inspiring words.

  20. edna

    i believe that everytime i get an email from yall its just for me that blog on fear is awesome. like you were talking right to me i love this site it is so informative and i look forward always to reading things on here always.resignated completely

  21. Christy

    I would like to say that I’ve been through so much this year, and psychics really have helped me a lot!
    I can relate to your article as I have let fear get in the way of achieving my goals, but now I have changed and I appreciate articles such as yours!
    I do believe in life, that we have so many paths to go down and that sooner or later everyone will get what they deserve.
    Recently a psychic told me that I have a gift of intuition and I believe that everyone has a gift or two but don’t really see it. I take everyday as it comes, and like you I do see everything as an opportunity! 🙂
    Just to let you know I am 17, studying a-levels and I love jesus 🙂
    Have a great week Cheyenne!

  22. cheyenneCheyenne ext. 5263

    Thank you Suzanne and Gina Rose. I appreciate your feedback. I see fear as a dark energy when it is allowed to take over. I wanted to remind and reassure folks that light or divine is a stronger force and we all have that power within us.

    I love how you put things Gina Rose. I personally see EVERYTHING as an opportunity to learn and grow from.


  23. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Cheyenne,

    I commented before but now it’s gone……so again…

    Great article……and yes, there are no coincidences in life I do agree…..everything happens for a reason, as you put it. The key is to question the circumstances and ask what am I supposed to learn from this incident (?) What can I take away from this that is positive in nature, as opposed to negative(?).

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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