Tricia Helfer Sighting!

Working for California Psychics and living in Los Angeles has its perks. For one, we run into celebs daily doing ordinary and everyday things. Today at a Whole Foods, we spotted Tricia Helfer the buxom blonde temptress from Battlestar Gallactica, who also had a brief stint on last season’s Burn Notice.

Currently, Helfer stars alongside Dylan McDermott in Dark Blue on TNT. Incidentally, last year I lead a chanting session at the Los Angeles Friendship Center with a room full of Nichiren Buddhists at a Saturday toso. After leading the chant/prayer for an hour, I turned my head and spotted Dylan McDermott sitting 10 rows or so behind me. It was thrilling to note a big time star was tuned in to his metaphysical side, and that I lead the charge!

Back to our Whole Foods sighting, Helfer sported an all-white casual ensemble and packed her own groceries in environment-friendly canvas bags. The Aries beauty born in Alberta has a moon in Sagittarius, which might explain her desire for loose-fitting gear and a green-consciousness.

Check out her new undercover cop show August 4 on Wednesdays at 9 with steamy co-star McDermott.

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