The Pages of the Tarot

Using the Tarot to understand how a relationship is working is a great way to pinpoint issues. Comprehending the dynamic in couples is a giant step in helping a failing relationship work. Recently, I had a call from a woman who couldn’t understand why she kept dating the same type of guy, even though she met them in different circumstances, they were all clearly different physical types and just very different people in a nutshell. So, I whipped up a spread to determine exactly what she’s dealing with and lo and behold…regardless of the relationship what I found was a Queen dealing with Pages and/or Knights. This blog is about The Page.

The Page of Cups is a favorite child. A pretty young thing who is loving, sweet and always available with kisses and hugs. I call this Page “The Emoter.” This Page brings us good news and has been outside picking the prettiest flowers out of our garden, but how can you be mad when you see that fair face covered in dust because of the need to get those best flowers for you? You look past your Sweetpea’s little adorable feet and see splattered mud tracks across your freshly mopped/vacuumed/swept floor. Who could be angry when the biggest-brightest-most sincere eyes are peering at you from a face so familiar it brings tears to your eyes? Why is it so familiar? Because it’s YOUR face plastered onto tiny Mini-you, and Mini-you is always ready to share and snuggle. However, when the Page of Cups is naughty, oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong. I am talking emotional extremes. Lies you can’t even flatter with a cute word like “fibbing” and tantrums that sound like rock star screams. Those sweet baby kisses replaced with, “I HATE YOU,” while you stare into eyes that you know, for at least that moment, really mean it. (Over-indulgence and emotionally draining behavior is also found in this Page.)

The Page of Swords is a finder and seeker of truth. A pretty well disciplined kid who has no real issues with knowing what is right and wrong, I call this Page “The Enforcer.” This Page brings us news about, oh, everyone else. Usually trying to be the boss and keeping things organized, this little guy may have issues when it comes to letting loose. On a bad day this child could become so unruly Daddy/Granddaddy/Cops could be called. This child may have issues with over-controlling those around him. When the Page of Swords flips you may feel this little guy isn’t who you thought he was after all.

The Page of Batons is creative, funny and sensitive. Usually very trend setting, perhaps a bit avant-garde, this Page is who I like to call, “The Innovator.” Quite a bit wise beyond his years, the page of Batons is artistic and profound. This is a child who could be popular and withdrawn, spiritual and shallow, or a zelig. This is a child that gets “it,” yet will still surprise you by reminding you, “hey, I’m just a kid,” by doing something absentminded and risque. If this Page flips you may see someone who is jealous of other people’s accomplishments, a creative confabulator, and vain.

The Page of Coins brings us good luck and honesty. This child is a hard worker, reliable, moral and eager to get ahead in the world. I call this Page, “The Energizer.” An enthusiastic child who is willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen. This is a child who will crawl through muck and soot to get the job done. The opposite is what I call “The Waster.” A waster of money, time and effort. Dishonest, greedy, secretive and lazy, this child can manage to diminish value in anything given to or done for him.

Now, as grown men and women, who are doing our best with our worlds and striving to cope with what is bestowed upon us, having an adult relationship with children and adolescents isn’t done. So, when a reader finds a Queen with a Page or a King with a double or triple layered Page (someone who is so conflicted one card isn’t enough to encompass the situation), it’s time to sit down and talk about the hierarchy structure of royalty. Breaking down the issues so the Querent is grasping what they are dealing with on a whole. Sometimes I find that the Querent is the Page or Knight and is dealing with someone so far out of reach not even Miracle Gro can save the day.

Next time we’ll talk about the Knights of each suit.

2 thoughts on “The Pages of the Tarot

  1. yvonne

    I find the child-like innocence, striving, and genuine belief in themselves enduring and even inspirational. The only drawback of all of these pages is their lack of understanding regarding emotional expression and control. This seems to me to be just as common, if not more so, in men of means and power as in those less successful.


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