The End of Oprah?!

Oprah A fixture of television for more than 20 years, Oprah Winfrey will be announcing the end of her uber popular show slated to go off air in 2011.

Taking a quick look at her chart, her Sun in Aquarius shows that her destiny is to bring enlightenment and change to the world, while her Moon in Sagittarius suggests that she’s a teacher and philosopher. Aquarius is an air sign that rules brotherhood, which makes Oprah a powerful communicator who brings people together. She shares information (Aquarius) and insights (Sagittarius) through her talk show, and helps others through her Angel Network and other philanthropic activities. Sagittarius also rules publishing and activities abroad – so O magazine and Oprah’s efforts to improve the lives of Africans are natural manifestations of her Moon influence.

We’ve got a year of Oprah left…make it count!

5 thoughts on “The End of Oprah?!

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  2. LimeLight

    I am just hearing of it. She deserves a break. Twenty years is a long time. @ RuthAnn, Oprah is one of the very few that hold ownership of her network show and contract. She is really is the “Queen Bee” of talk tv.

  3. RuthAnn Swan

    I knew this would happen, now we have to hear about this for two years before it actually jappens, and howdoes she know it will end then, because her contract ends?????? Why tell it now???????????? She is going to be seen until 2011, September!!!! Give it a rest!!!!

  4. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Saw on tonight’s national news that she does say she will not be completely retiring after the show ends, but will still be “doing something” that is as yet undefined.
    Powerful presence-glad to hear she will still be doing something out in the public.
    Ext. 9146


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