The Ace of Coins

I am looking at the lake this morning. It is frozen and covered with mounds of snow. People are outside skating on the edges where they feel safe. There are also those brave souls that venture closer to the center. There are always those just looking for some trouble.

The Ace of Coins is the essence of the Coin/Pentacle suit. This is a card that represents security, prosperity, being grounded and also morality. Basically, anything that we hold valuable is encompassed in this card.

One of my regular clients, Bev, called me this morning for our morning cup. “I know I usually call to talk about that man,” she began, “But today I want to know what my guides want me to be focusing on.”

So, I laid out a spread for her. And, as you all suspect, the Ace of Coins is what falls out. “The Ace of Coins.” I tell her, “You need to be focusing on your safety nets.” As the spread went on, Bev was confronted with the reality that she’s been neglecting everything that keeps her grounded. “Ugh, I am always thinking about what he’s doing and wondering what he wants and I’ve just been letting myself go. Everyone at work is mad at me. My skin looks like crap. I am falling apart.”

As we approach the new year, many of us will be needing readings to see what is in store, what to look forward to, the theme of the year, etc. Are there new opportunities coming your way or maybe you’d like to stir the pot yourself? Tonight my neighbors are having a bonfire on the ice for those with nerves of steel.

Should I stay or should I go?

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4 thoughts on “The Ace of Coins

  1. jazznine

    I,ve been through a good relationship with a man who was marreid and i left him because he was married, he phone me back and said that wanted me and was getting a seperation, so he wanted me to live with him and i did it lasted a month and she did trouble and i lost him so because she couldn,t acsept the fact of the seperatio he was feeling guilty and are sexual love life was on the rocks and i tried discussing about it. she made things worst for me . he told me to leive and i did , I took my furniture but I lost some of it because i thought he was sensere and i had to start all over again. He tried phoning me back but i knew it was manupulation so I said no don,t please because I know he went back with her gut feeling. thank you because sometime we have to let go and its the best interest for everybody byebye.

  2. tarigirl

    Thank you for this article, Nunu, and this insightful reply, Louise Luna. I’ve read your words at just the right time, and they have great meaning to me. This is the first I’ve heard of the Twin Soul idea, and this helps me to accept how my relationship with my soulmate is changing. I’ve always felt such a strong connection with him, which is what keeps pulling me back to the relationship. But perhaps my soul lesson is learning to pull back and take care of myself. For me, the hardest thing is letting go. tarigirl

  3. Janeen

    I received the Ace of Pentacles in a relationship reading recently. Also I received the Judgement card in three consecutive readings. I have always focussed on “the man” as well, even after the relationship has ended. I don’t deal with the break up well at all, and I don’t handle it with dignity and grace. My last relationship ended six months ago and of course I blamed myself. Since then I have taken time to look at my behaviour in the relationship and found that I wasn’t being myself, I was always focussed on him, what he was doing, who he was with, where was our relationship going. It was a constant state of stress. I realised I had let myself go, I wasn’t eating healthful foods, or exercising I had put on a lot of weight and wondering why I did that to myself. The relationship has ended and I now believe it was a blessing in disguise because it made me stop and assess my life and I realised I was repeating a pattern in my relationships and I was continually getting hurt. I decided to make some changes and I am now eating healthful foods and started exercising again. This will make a difference to how I feel and to my self esteem and confidence. I believe 2010 will be a year for change and transformation within me and I will be taking it one day at a time, not a lifetime.

  4. Louise Luna

    As we all come to the end of this year, as with any years end, we all have much to ponder, meditate, make decisions about, and decide if the content, the quality of the past year reflects what we have wanted for ourselves. The Ace of Coins was a very good card to come forward and we all can use the good advice that card gives us. We do not know if we will be on this earth’s plane when the end of 2010 will arrive. Our lives are like gardens, they need to be tended to on a daily basis. Prune out the weeds, for if you don’t they will partake of the nutrients meant for the flower or vegetable you are working so hard to bring to fruition. Speaking of weeds, while I read the words, re: caller referencing “I usually call about that man”, and then the Ace of Coins is pulled, I’m always amazed that regardless of what is surrounding us, women will be focued on “that man”. (I will omit men just for the sake of space and time). As a songwriter, love is always great fodder for songs. Being in love is a wonderful feeling, but we sure do keep blinders on. The saying is “Love is Blind”, I add, it is also deaf and dumb. What happened to pride in a relationship? If a man has told you, given you signals, kept his distance, where is your womanly pride? Let him go with your blessing, for if you love someone, then you must wish him well and happiness, whether with you or someone else. I learned this lesson when I was all of 19 years old and my husband fell in love with a friend of ours. He was more disturbed about it than I, as he did not seek it, was shocked by what happened and also knew what it would do to me. I have lived with the I Ching for a good 40 years, and consulting the book sometimes as much as 5 times a day, helped me understand and more importantly, respond from a superior place, and accept with grace what was transpiring in my life. Whatever situation a woman may find herself in when it comes to a man, please don’t love in vain. And don’t call his name through eternal time, and don’t take the blame, if he doesn’t feel the same. That is the first verse of a song I wrote, ‘I Won’t Love in Vain”. All the time spent on wondering what and where that man can be is a huge red flag. It is waving in front of you, and probably has been since the relationship began. This business of ‘soulmates’ is so misconstrued. Doesn’t everyone know that meeting your “soulmate” can be a very uncomfortable situation as, your soulmate is probably there to teach you lessons that are very painful, but needed for our life growth. It really is our Twin Soul that we may be looking for. We all want to be companioned, but in that process, when we come across a person that in the end is just a stepping stone to our Twin Soul, accept it, embrace it, but please don’t love in vain. As we look back at our relationships, certainly we must be able to see just why we had to go through it as we “look” at them with a more rational heart. That rational heart is what we need to use whenever we are in a relationship. Sometimes, we just need to say, ‘What Are You Thinking of, My Restless Heart?”. Louise Luna


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