Testimonial of the Day: Marin ext. 5113

Marin “I was so shocked that Marin ext. 5113 told me the name of the man I was involved with. She didn’t give me initials, or something that sounds like it, but his complete name! It was such a pleasure talking to her. I have been a member for almost 5 years and I think she ranks up there with the best of them. It won’t be long until she has waiting list as long as Red, Dave, and Gina Rose. She will really surprise you and her accuracy was amazing.”

M.A., Fairbanks

4 thoughts on “Testimonial of the Day: Marin ext. 5113

  1. Psychic Marin x5113

    Thank you Heidi for your comment. I am glad you enjoy the Psychic Workouts. I have many ideas for the year to come, but I welcome any questions from you! (And others.) As you are developing your psychic abilities, there may be some specific areas where you want a little assistance. If so…Let me know, and I will personally respond to your questions!

  2. Heidi Kentwood

    Welcome Lonnie! You did the greatest read on my cat this weekend. The kitten pee was embedded in the rug, which is what my cat is still reacting to…I’m going to write it up!


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