Psychics Help Spirits Cross Over

For a variety of reasons, people who have died sometimes remain on the  Earth Plane for a while before cutting the ties and crossing over to the Other Side. We asked our Psychic Tammy about how she help spirits cross over – her intriguing response is below.

In this story, Psychic Tammy ext. 9380 foregrounds the importance of facing fear and transforming it into empathy:

We psychics help spirits cross over in a variety of ways, but mostly through communication. One of my favorite examples happened three years ago. I started getting scary vibes in one corner of my basement, and it was so cold and prickly down there that even my fiancé mentioned it. One day, I’d had enough of this scary thing trying to frighten me out my basement, and turned to confront it, trying to hide my fear. I looked directly at that corner, thinking I was going to see a scary monster or thought form. But it was just a little boy! He was pale and bald and wore a hospital gown. I realized he had been a cancer patient and had died. He told me he had run down a tunnel (I lived near a hospital, and he’d found a portal!), and had taken up hiding from nurses and his mom in my basement. He didn’t trust those on the other side to escort him into his afterlife, saying, “They will turn me into a pincushion again.” He felt his medical treatment was torturous, and had died very frightened and distrustful of everyone and everything. My fear turned to compassion, and I was finally able to convince him to trust me. I told him he had died, that he was done with medical treatments, and to go with his Angels. After about 20 minutes of conversation, he gently left, and all his prickly, cold energy left with him. I never saw him again.

Just a conversation, that’s all it took, but I still recall how utterly scared out of my mind I was when I initially decided to turn and confront that energy. I talk to “dead people” all the time, but the truth is, I’m not all that brave!

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