Spell For Seduction

Romance and Halloween may sound like a strange combination, but really, they’re a perfect fit. With ghosts, goblins, witches and monsters roaming free on the streets, you couldn’t find a better time to spend a night inside – cuddled up safely with the one you love!

So, grab a bowl of goodies, pop in a scary movie, light a few candles and spend this Halloween night making memories to last all year. If you’re feeling really adventurous, take one of these hauntingly hot Halloween suggestions:

Get wicked

Nothing makes a romantic evening more intense than a little adrenaline. If there isn’t a hotel, motel or B&B with rumors of ghost inhabitants in your area, don’t let it stop you from having a night of naughty fun. Let a friend or relative know where you’ll be, then check in under an alias and pretend you’re a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. A little role play never hurt anyone!

Costumes for two?
While we’re on the subject… why not go full throttle? What better day of the year is there to add costumes into your bedroom repertoire? Take this chance to be someone you always wanted to be and delight in each other’s fantasies as they come true!

Go for a walk
Do you know of a secluded, slightly creepy, after dark escape? Perhaps there’s a park where you usually hike (provided it’s not closed after dark) or a woodsy area where kids play during the day? Take a flashlight, a blanket and something to sip on (hot chocolate or cider – with or without the kick might be nice), then snuggle up while swapping ghost stories. At the very least, take a walk around the neighborhood and look at the decorations and trick or treaters.

A grave event
If you really want to get in touch with the spirit of the holiday, load a picnic basket up with finger food and Halloween treats then invite your sweetie on a spooky graveyard picnic. In addition to food and a flashlight, be sure to bundle up and bring something to sit on! If the cemetery is a little too scary for your tastes, set up the picnic in your backyard with a jack-o-lantern.

Teenage love
Go to a Haunted House, on a Haunted Hayride or to an Amusement Park attraction. Dress up (if you’re into it) or just go as you are and enjoy what it feels like to cling to your date for dear life (or in laughter, depending on how good the ghosts are)! Single? That doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of the harvest holiday. Halloween is a great time to snare a new sweetie. Not only are inhibitions reduced but the element of mystery afforded by a disguise can be quite alluring (naturally, it’s an opportunity to show off your best assets – even if it’s your intellect).

Happy Halloween!

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