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The Truth About Psychic Predictions

I have done a great deal of thinking about the nature and accuracies of my predictions, and I’ve determined that they can be classified into two distinct categories: those that are absolute (set in stone), and those that can be influenced by free will and outside forces.

Absolute Predictions

For instance, I am sitting next to a women who does not know she is pregnant and I see her giving birth to a baby boy within nine months. These sorts of predictions are absolute because they are immutable and unchangeable. They are delivered instantly through visions and flashes of “knowing.” I do not have to use much energy to receive these predictions. They come to me whether I want them to or not. There is nothing we can do or not do to change the outcome of these predictions. Without my understanding or will, a sixth sense involuntarily and effortlessly taps into a shared consciousness and the prediction comes as a sudden gift.

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Predictions Influenced by Free Will

The second category is more complicated and I am much more involved in constructing insight for these predictions. These predictions are changeable through the application of free will and sudden energy shifts in events and forces surrounding them. They are not set in stone and therefore may not come to fruition as they were originally predicted. That is why I place a percentage on these—there’s a 50% or 80% chance of this happening.

These predictions come from the use of a deeply developed and nuanced sensory system. It’s like enhanced physical senses, similar to a dog being able to hear a much higher frequency of sound than human ears can hear. As in the case of the dog, the animal may be more adept at predicting the approach of a stranger through their pitched sense of smell and hearing. Yet, the approaching figure could suddenly decide not to enter the area where the dog anticipates. Or the figure could suddenly be stricken down by a gust of wind and stop approaching altogether. The dog’s senses help it calculate the approach from where the figure was coming but the dog may or may not see the other energies and events that impact that approach. Similarly, predictions that are not absolute are very much dependent on a series of factors.

My Physical State

I need to eat, rest, exercise and meditate in order to activate my abilities and interpret the sensations, time frames and directions accurately. If any one of these physical structures is out of balance, my readings will be “off,” not clear for interpretation or I will not be able to properly calculate the impact of surrounding factors to an oncoming event. I need to pace myself and to know my limits. There are times I need to take breaks between every call.

Deductive Reasoning and Intuition

As mentioned, these predictions involve deductive reasoning based upon an enhanced sensory system that can “see and hear” the past and present of one’s life. Once this information is obtained, I use my intuition to “calculate” the outcome. Luckily, I am able to perceive more than the dog. For instance, I hear not just the approach but the past actions, choices and outcomes that lead to it (past lives included). I combine that with the present results and I deduce the future using percentages.

For example, a woman may ask me if a former lover of hers will ever call her again. In order to predict this correctly, I need to tap into more than just the woman and her question. There are multiple influences that will need to line up in her favor in order for the reunion to take place. The probability of them lining up depends upon the free will of both parties and the direction of the events that are preparing to impact each party individually. The man may be about to meet another woman, he may have children who demand his loyalty, have debts, depression, etc. As a psychic, I track these forces and deduce the potentiality of the situation. I take into account the direction in which both people are moving, the velocity (time frames) with which they are moving in that direction, the status and power of surrounding influences on this movement (other women, children, work, etc.) and determine the likelihood of intersection.

Free Will

Free will always plays a part. I will see the road and tell you what your chances are but it is up to you whether to choose it or not. Choosing the road may be employing a different action than you feel is the correct action. It may be doing the very opposite of what you want to do. I may guide you not to contact him and you may reject that advice in which case your choice or “free will” may tip the equation against the reunion and lead you toward another alternate road that takes you away from the reunion and toward a new love. In these instances, I become more of an intuitive life coach.

Please note that your desired outcome may not always be what is in your best interest in the long term and that there is always more than one road to choose.

25 thoughts on “Psychic Uli: Your Crash Course in Psychic Predictions

  1. Heather

    This article explained so much. Loved it. One thing was left out though, which is sometimes knowing about an outcome can backfire on you and thus that outcome does not happen. How we deal with knowing the future, knowing too much and what we do with the information is as important because other energies may not be ready for it. I would like that part explored.

  2. Marilyn (Marlee)

    Oh yeah, I’ve also seen two little boys being born and they were, one of them a week later, one of them two days later….I told the parents that the boys looked like the dads….they thought I was just guessing…..they sure were surprised. I even told one of them that she was going to have a C-section…and it was so.

  3. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Uli, this was a wonderful explanation of how your gift manifests. Mine manifests in a very similar way.

    Like you, I know there are certain fixed point events that we cannot avoid experiencing; it is our reaction to these events that is so critical to our personal evolution and the direction in which our lives will go.

    There are many, many more situations in which free will, whether ours or that of another, determine the future possibilities of a situation or relationship and so I point out to those who ask that we, as diviners, predict the most probable future based on the energies around a situation as it is now, as well as the free will future actions of the involved parties.

    Quite frequently, rather than just predicting what will happen in a situation, I advise a caller to follow a certain course of action as well as alerting them to the results they can expect should they follow the advice given. Sometimes they are open to the suggestions I propose and at those times the predictions come to pass as I state during the consultation.

    At other times, however, callers elect to follow a different course of action which can alter the predicted outcome and not in the way the client had hoped.

    While these variations may at first seem disappointing to a caller, I wholeheartedly agree that they are often just what the caller needed to move forward in a new, more positive direction.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Brightest blessings,

  4. Devyn5303


    Uli, you explained it so perfectly the difference between set in stone and free will.

    Love and Light,

    Devyn 5303

  5. Aurelia

    Wow. Uli’s skill as a Psychic amazes me. Very impressive. I too am psychic but would never attempt what she does. She seems to understand her Art quite well. Indeed, I’ve givenupon predictions because so many have not materialized, probably due to my own free will. And interference by others.

  6. mfc

    Very well written & spoken. Although I’ve never read with Uli her feedback speaks for itself the wonderful gift she possesses. Her article really clarifies the difference with why some predictions come to fruition. Thanks Uli for a great insightful accurate article.

  7. Psychic Lucy

    I love this article Uli! It is so good to let the clients look into a window, such as your fabulous article, to help them better understand how readings work. And, as long as the client keeps on “living in their lives” not saying “oh, a psychic told me … and now I will just wait for that to unfold”. No! Clients must keep on keeping on, daily in their lives

  8. Denis Tremblay

    for me if u can tell me right now with out any cost to me about if my ex girlfriend and i r going to get back together and when if we r i will wait to c if it’s for real than i will try out some more readings but r we going to get back or not and if we do when will it happen and well i guess if u where to say that we will not it would b pretty hard to prove that one b/c it would just verify what i feel right now unless u could come up with something else to prove it to me but not sure what that could b maybe getting a good job again if u could tell me that also

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Because of Karma , some things ARE ” set in stone ” ……I agree with this statement strongly…..while other things, are subject to free will because of life lessons needed to be learned.

    In fact, everybody has pre-destined points along their Karmic path….sometimes how they travel between those pre-destined points is where the free will comes into play.

    For example, like taking a trip to Miami….you can take the easy way and fly there, or , take the hard way and walk there….lol. there, but Miami is pre-destined .

    LOVED this article by Uli.

  10. Ted

    I have predicted many things in the past,100% accurate,including telling a young woman she had a brother and sister,She told me her parents died in a car accident and was an only child,she was 26 at the time.I was right,She did have a brother and sister,her brother was actually working in the same hospital as her.She was adopted when 12 months old.Many other things,plane crashes,Broken bridge,and pregnancies,economies,and wars.There is much more to come over the next 18 months,including good and Bad.War is our biggest worry in the middle east and Russia.

  11. MJcreighton

    thank You for telling me about free will, I never realize just how many things enter the space, for things to happen. Again thank you

  12. Marina

    I have had 3 visions in the last 2 years.
    The last was Easter Sunday, 2014.
    Was awake in my bed, before rising. I had a vision of a headstone (gravestone). The headstone is the headstone of the parents of the person (a man that I have a connection with). By the way I walk through the graveyard everyday just to walk, and see my (dear friend’s parent’s gravestone). Yesterday (Sat). I went for my walk and saw the headstone which was decorated with Easter decorations. Also I MUST TELL YOU, THAT MY DEAR FRIEND, IS GOING TO HAVE A SEVERE, BACK & NECK OPERATION. Well MY VISION IS OF THE HEADSTONE, BUT, EASTER DECORATIONS ARE GONE, AND IN THE CENTER IN THE GROUND, IS A SMALL PINE LOOKING TREE. I CANNOT GET THIS VISION OUT OF MY HEAD. I REALLY NEED AN ANSWER OR HELP TO UNDERSTAND WHY I AM HAVING THIS VISION. I LOVE THIS MAN, AS YOU ALREADY KNOW, BUT I DO NOT KNOW HOW HE FEELS ABOUT ME. OUR RELATIONSHIP IS AT A STANDSTILL RIGHT NOW. WHY AM I HAVE THIS VISION? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. BRENDA


  14. Sherry

    What an excellent article–well written, accurate, and clearly insightful. You helped a lot of people today with this. BRAVO.

  15. Khalid ALI Butt

    I need to know that I am very upset n financially very down.
    My star is Gemini n I want to know about my star,
    Why it is so disturb these days?

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This was such a great article, giving clear insight into the life of a real psychic.

    I also wish to add, that in keeping with my physical state of harmony and balance, I will only do so many hours of reading per day.

    Because I have clientele off line, being a professional career psychic, as well as on line clientele with CP, I will only read a total of about 6 to 7 hours per day TOTAL.

    3 to 4 hours on line with CP….the rest offline with personal clients.

    I want the client at the end of the day, or line up, to receive as good a reading as the client who was first in line.

    Really liked this article, Uli !!!!!!

  17. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Wonderful article by Uli…..

    I’m on the same page as Uli when it comes to categorizing psychic predictions….some , for me, are ” set in stone “….while others, free will can play a part……

    and, as I teach my psychic students, a good psychic stays in harmony with one’s self….mind, body & spirit.

    for example….I need 8 to 10 hours sleep per day to do what I do…..and also NEED to meditate….and I do NOT, or will not, read when tired or ill.

    Excellent article, Uli, well done !!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  18. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Thank you Uli for this comprehensive description and thoughtful view of absolute predictions vs. free will. Beautifully explained and delineated! Hope you will share more of your wisdom in the future.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608


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