Psychic TV Round Up

Fall is upon us – and with it, comes the new tv season. What psychic-themed shows filled with action, intrigue and otherworldly emotions will the networks give us this year? Keep reading and see!

Psychic Kids

Ever wondered what life is like for psychics before they learn how to use their gifts? Back for a third season, Psychic Kids (Children of the Paranormal) follows three paranormally gifted adults and a licensed psychologist in their quest to help supernaturally talented children struggling with their psychic experiences. The team behind the show says more than anything, they want to teach these fledgling clairvoyants that despite the sense of isolation their gifts can create, they’re not alone in the world. The season premieres Sunday, October 17th on A&E at 10/9 Central.

Paranormal State

Meanwhile, contending with the inexplicable is still the name of the game on the fifth season of Paranormal State, also on A&E. This year follows Ryan Buell and his Paranormal Research Society (PRS) as they engage with everything from hauntings and demonic disturbances to sixth-sense experiences and poltergeists. Though it started out as a college club, the PRS has since become one of the most respected paranormal research groups in the nation by consulting experts (including psychics and psychologists) and using the evidence they collect via Electronic Voice Phenomenon and video recordings in order to help frightened clients who have nowhere else to turn. Check out Paranormal State Sundays at 9/8 Central on A&E starting October 17th.

Ghost Hunters

Plumbers by day, ghost hunters by night, Jason and Grant head up the Atlanta Paranormal Society, a group whose goal is to hunt down the presence of otherworldly activity across America. In addition to the regular team of paranormal experts the show has used guest investigators including celebrities like late-night talk show host Colin Ferguson and musician/actor MeatLoaf. The show itself is so popular it has generated three spin offs – Ghost Hunters International, UFO Hunters and Ghost Hunters Academy. All but UFO Hunters are still on the air, with the latest season of the original airing on SyFy Wednesday nights at 8/9 Central.


Finally, in this season’s only scripted psychic offering to date, Patricia Arquette returns for a seventh season of CBS drama Medium (which, until last year, was actually on NBC). If you’ve somehow managed to miss it, Arquette portrays real life psychic Allison Dubois, an intensely gifted clairvoyant medium. As Allison tries to balance her family with her career as a consultant to the Phoenix District Attorney’s office, she must also contend with non-believers who doubt her worth when it comes to solving violent and horrifying crimes – until she proves them wrong! Catch Medium on Fridays at 8pm on CBS.
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    We truly are at a time of enlightenment, so many people are truly fascinated with watching and learning of different fascists of paranormal, I look forward to watching these shows.
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