Your Power Stone for November 2013

November’s Power Stone: Topaz

This beautiful power stone has been considered the birthstone for November for centuries, although only officially consigned in 1912 by the American National Retail Jewelers Association. The gorgeous colors of Topaz emulates the equally lovely colors of late autumn.

The word Topaz comes from the Greek “tapazos,” which means “to seek.” Topaz was also powerful enough to be one of the stones in the breastplate of the High Priest, according to the Bible.

Topaz is known for its transparent golden brown coloring, but can also be light green, sky blue, red-violet, or brown-yellow. Topaz is basically a mineral that occurs in cavities of rocks that have been formed by intense heat. Because it contains water, Topaz is one of the few gemstones in which fluorine is found. Topaz crystals generally have very sharp edges, well-defined faces, and a high, natural surface polish. Although Topaz is a hard stone, it really has no toughness and can fracture easily if struck.

Topaz has an unusual velvety appearance. It feels more slippery than other gemstones. It also has the rare attribute of being pyroelectric, meaning that rubbing it against a cloth or applying a bit of heat will charge the stone with electricity. Very interestingly, this will attract bits of paper and the like, to the charged stone.

The qualities of Topaz, particularly in its warm colors such as yellow, orange and pink shades, represent the creative energies. Topaz’s energies work with the Law of Attraction and manifestation. Because of its structure, it will aid in speeding up thoughts into physical form. This is a very beautiful and powerful gemstone.

The light blue or white Topaz crystals are known to aid in developing higher inner awareness. But the wine-gold Topaz seems to symbolize the beautiful autumn season best of all.

A Bit More About White Topaz

Also called Clear Topaz or Silver Topaz, this stone will help aid in spiritual development. It seems to magnify energy, and also, as a side note, can help to create a more orderly approach to living. White Topaz has a strong healing energy to its essence, and definitely promotes energies of love and joy. Basically White Topaz helps to align your thinking to that of Divine Will. The more energy you put into focusing on your “right” desires with the vibrational forces of this stone, the quicker the time of manifestation will be.

Topaz creates lightness in spirit and raises hope. Topaz carries a high vibration of truth. It also has the ability to smooth sharp edges from the personality. Topaz emits a great strength of love and can rid someone of headache by helping nerves and muscles to relax so the ache ceases. This gemstone can also greatly influence rebirth of inner self and help to align it with the physical body (outer self).

In gem therapy, Topaz is often used to treat cough, croup, deafness, swollen glands, mumps, obesity, tonsillitis, and the like.

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  1. Sandy Fustin

    I enjoyed your article about the Gem stone Topaz. I am looking into acquiring the different colored stones. Thank you for the enlightenment.

  2. Sherry

    Loved your article. I love Topaz, and now after reading about them, I want to have a Topaz necklace made. You possess a lot of knowledge about stones. As a Scorpio myself, this article is perfectly timed. Thanks again.


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