New Moon in Cancer

Expressing what’s in your heart is what the New Moon in Cancer is all about. On July 2, 2008 the New Moon launches a two week cycle of heightened emotional expression. It also energizes family activities. Cancer, after all, presides over feelings, family and nurturing. What’s more, this sensitive influence is accompanied by a romantic pas de deux between sensual Venus and jovial Jupiter, which revs up socializing and casts an optimistic glow over relationships.

It can also prompt you to overindulge in eating, drinking and merriment (the fact that Cancer rules food doesn’t help in the abstinence department). Being overly needy can also be a problem. If you’ve been suppressing your craving for love, attention, appreciation, or whatever, watch out – you may find these suppressed desires bursting forth during the New Moon. So it’s probably best to tell your partner what you need from them before the New Moon brings out your inner cling-on.

Let’s take a look at how the New Moon in Cancer is likely to affect each sign (if you know your rising sign, read that too).

Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will feel inspired to slow down, relax under the summer sun and seek a deeper connection with those they love. For Aries, lust can deepen into true intimacy. They’ll also feel the desire to create an inviting home environment for parties and family gatherings. Leo needs to take time to rest, meditate on the past and get in touch with their inner life. Their intuition will be especially strong now, too. Sagittarius will feel less adventurous and more inclined to enjoy intimate, one-on-one trysts. Healing old emotional wounds and resentments will enable them to experience a deeper sexual connection with their partner.

Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius need to get out of their heads and into their feelings now. Being still in the silence will heighten their senses and intuition. If Gemini stands still long enough, they’ll experience a newfound serenity during New Moon, which may send a moneymaking opportunity their way as well. Libra will be inspired to get in touch with their instincts and share their emotional and sexual needs with their partner. A career opportunity may land in their lap as well. If Aquarius can quiet their intellect, they’ll experience stronger emotional and spiritual connections with those they love. Getting healthy will take priority now, too.

Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be in the flow, both emotionally and spiritually. Their ability to attract love will be heightened as well. The New Moon brings a new personal cycle for Cancer. They’ll be the shining light of their social circle, and their heightened charisma will make them irresistible. Scorpio will seek a deeper meaning in their spiritual life, and the bigger picture of their destiny will be revealed now, too. Love can be found while traveling or taking a class. Romance should start sizzling now for Pisces, who will also receive the gift of divine inspiration for creative projects. Interactions with children can bring fulfillment, too.

Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will feel energized in their personal lives and financially in the flow as well. Taurus will find fulfillment by expressing their love and appreciation to those they love. A moneymaking opportunity involving communications or travel may present itself, too. Virgo will turn into social butterflies now. Social contacts and group activities will offer personal or professional opportunities. Partnership activities will skyrocket for Capricorn, who will enjoy a closer bond with their partner (or feel inclined to end a bad relationship). If solo, Caps need to be clear on the type of partner they want, which will help them manifest true love.

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