Meet Your Spirit Guides: Past-Life Connections

Tasha from Pennsylvania says:

I’m just beginning to really open myself to new realities and experiences in this journey, but something is holding me back. There’s this entity, this sort of hooded/masked shadow figure that haunts me, ever since I saw it in my childhood. I fear it mostly within the darkness, but now that I live in my brother’s room (where I had initially seen it open his door and peer in at me in my younger years) I obsess over the idea of the door opening again, and find it difficult to look away. It’s never honestly hurt me, or anyone that I know of (my sister in law has said she’s seen the same kind of thing, except this time at the bottom of the stairs), but it leaves me in fear… something I need to overcome in order to open myself to understanding both of our existences and how they intertwine. I’m not sure how to approach the situation, or even whether this being is directly influencing me. Would you be so kind as to offer any insight…? I would love and appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you.

Dear Tasha,

It’s always wise to be cautious when you’re exploring other realms, and I can understand why you’d find this particular figure worrisome. After all, the image of a dark, hooded monk has populated ghost stories and other scary tales for literally hundreds of years.

What’s interesting is that I encounter hooded figures like this fairly often when I do spirit guide readings, and so far I haven’t encountered one which was actually a negative entity.

Most of the hooded and robed guides I’ve encountered have past life connections with the people who see them, so it may help you to understand where those fears probably come from. The worst of the Inquisition, which spanned a period of almost 500 years in various countries, and the later persecution of Catholic religious orders, especially monks and nuns, dumped plenty of pain, fear and negative thought-forms into our collective consciousness. These experiences became energy images which are still vivid in peoples’ unconscious minds more than 400 years later.

Your monk seems to be a past life connection, apparently connected to your family as a whole. When I tuned in to the episodes you described, I experienced caring, wisdom and a kind of vigilant, watchful devotion for your entire family… but no threat of any kind.

If you want to get acquainted with this being, use the suggestions on for clearing the energy in your room and creating sacred space. This sets up a protected area in which you can safely get acquainted with your monk and put your fears to rest. Then invite him to come forward, asking him to stand outside your sacred space if you feel safer, and ask him about his mission and intentions.

Good luck! This could be amazing …

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One thought on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: Past-Life Connections

  1. Leisha Gibbons

    I saw three guides or robed figures but they were never hooded i guess or maybe never had their hood on. One was a blonde haired guy with long flowing hair in a white robe (even spoke my name too), the other was a brown robed guy with brown hair and the other i remember well was polynesian man i have mentioned in another post. I dont think they meant any harm to me they appeared kind and calm. Well atelast i think so but there was a slight mischief in their smiles.


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