Meet Lucrecia ext. 9326


2 thoughts on “Meet Lucrecia ext. 9326

  1. Caro

    She told me I’d meet him in a relaxed location maybe volleyball on the beach and that I’d know it was him because he’d talk to me about the earth or the environment – we met at a bar on the beach outside next to volleyball courts and he started talking to me about his new solar energy company. SHE. IS. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I had a wonderful experience meeting Lucrecia, one day we were both at the CP office. I always think of her, I was talking to her about my sun sign, and I am on the cusp of Leo/Cancer….Lucrecia said, “You are just a happy cat” lol
    She is great. Such a classy and graceful person. I know she is a great psychic.
    Miss Krystal


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