Laura Day’s Way

You may have already spotted her on CNN or in Newsweek but Laura Day is the latest psychic sensation with celebrities and profitable businesses alike. The consultant and author, who looks like a fashionable sales executive, offers her services 24/7 to the lucky few she takes on as clients. Juggling no more than five companies at a time, she offers them 24 hour access to her services for a five digit monthly fee. Even so, she has a waiting list and has already made millions in her 15-year career. But don’t call her a psychic, because she prefers to be called an “intuitionist” – claiming to CNN that she likes “intuition” because it is a sense. “It’s an ability to gather information you haven’t been exposed to before,” so says the no-nonsense psychic. Day also believes that everyone can tap into their own personal intuitive power. Her celebrity clients include Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Demi Moore, who also considers her a close friend.

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