In Your Words: True Predictions

Here’s a roundup of some predictions you’ve written to us about:

“I love Anya Dawn! She picks up on the personalities of the people I’m calling about. She told me in a previous phone call exactly how my ex-husband had treated me badly and that I was going to meet my soulmate soon and have a better life. I did meet this man and Anya Dawn described him perfectly. I am so amazed that everything she said about him came true. This new man is a blessing in my life and I have never been happier. Thanks, Anya

– Brenda, Riverside

Nina‘s predictions occurred. My old love reached out verbally and physically in February just as Nina predicted in my November and December readings. At the time, things seemed so impossible but I had high hopes in her. I am happy to say two of her predictions have happened. I am anxious to see the most important one — which will take place in the summer. Thank you, Nina.”

– L.N., San Jose

Seha, my old love returned just as you predicted! I went five months without hearing from him. You stuck to your predictions while wanted to give up — numerous times. And the best part is that upon his return, he said “I never stopped loving you the entire time.” These are the exact words you told me during our readings. How did you do that? Thank you for being my rock.”

– Anonymous

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2 thoughts on “In Your Words: True Predictions

  1. balancedesires

    Wow! That’s fantastic & wonderful news for you all! There is a pretty big one that I am awaiting to happen through Abigail, will keep ya posted b/c the prediction & outcome is coming soon. Light, love & hugs to you all! 🙂


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