How I Knew I Was Psychic: Samadi

Samadi Ever wonder how your favorite psychic came to understanding their gifts? Psychic Samadi ext. 5201 shares her story.

“I have always known that I am just the messenger,” explains Samadi, about her psychic role in this world as a seventh-generation intuitive. Since the age of four, she felt she was being pushed by spirit to deliver messages. As a child she could already empathically hear what people needed to hear. She would go up to strangers and say something nice. As she got older, if she was hesitant about delivering messages, she began to feel the nudge — and then, a push on her shoulder!

“Can you imagine having to tell the police officer standing behind you in line at a coffee shop that he needs to relieve his stress by working on his art project? That officer had no idea how I knew about it, but he did say that he had some stained glass work that had gone unfinished for a long time.”

“I kept trying to do conventional jobs, but I kept getting fired — because I was so busy delivering messages from my guides,” Samadi relates. “And people were always asking for readings. Since working as a psychic full-throttle, I’ve done readings in England, Wales and Canada.”

3 thoughts on “How I Knew I Was Psychic: Samadi

  1. sybil

    I wanted to let you know that when you told me, almost 3 years ago you saw me speaking online to my ‘soul mate’. I was a little skeptical because I could not see myself finding my love online. Well strange things have happened since then. Great things! What I did not know is, that I had already met him a few times before I realized he was the one you saw….and it just happens to be a long distance relationship….in a country that I have always been drawn to……….Wow! You are absolutely amazing Samadi.

    Thank you for being my guide.

  2. RG

    Thanks for the article Samadi.
    Your a pleasure to talk to.

    I bet it was probably difficult to do regular stuff in life when your so gifted. But your doing a great job.

    Keep Smiling,


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