How Do You Know if Your Kid is Psychic?

Children are among the most psychic individuals you will ever come across. I know, I have a psychic daughter! When we are born into this world, we are many times fully open and our only way to interact with the new world we have come into is through the psychic senses. Even young children are no strangers to the psychic energies that are active within the world.

Here are some traits to look out for:

A child who has an imaginary friend, might just be communicating with a spirit guide.

A kid that begs you not to go somewhere may be feeling or knowing something which you aren’t aware of in that moment.

That child that says grandma visited them may actually be telling the truth.

There are countless other examples, but these are the main ones that kids get in trouble. Parents and society have a way of shutting these abilities off, that is, it is frequently looked down upon and thus discouraged in children. Many times a child must learn to shut down in order to avoid punishment or harsh words and criticism. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either as it allows the child to learn to live in and function in the physical world.

It takes a special parent or caretaker to guide children, helping them to stay open while at the same time teaching them how to live in our physical world. Most of the time, believe it or not, it’s better to teach children to shut down and then, later in life, help them to relearn that which they had known all along.

That’s what psychic development classes are mostly about. Relearning that which has always been there, but which was shut down for one reason or another. The difference is, we learn to selectively use our abilities and then turn them off when we are finished.

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  4. demetra van wyk

    In my experience, psychic children are more present and aware of themselves and are easier to teach.

  5. Taryne

    Wow it is so hard to go through custody battles with children. Do your children know their Dad? Or do you think they may be intuitively picking up on information about a new fiance? Two year old will typically play out their feelings with toys that is a common way that psychologists will observe them. Once when my son was two or three and going to preschool a kid went up to him and said “You don’t have a Dad” in a snooty way. It bothered my Evan bad. I saw him play trucks one bigger and one smaller. He was taking the bigger truck and kind of bumping the smaller one harder saying” ha you don’t have a dad”. So it can hurt so bad to see you kids hurting but they will only be so much stronger when older. Thanks for you advice about the runes. I always imagine him bathed in light and I do Reiki on him.

  6. Taryne

    Thank you so much it really gives me courage to hear from you that I am strong. I know I can be. I am totally devoted to giving my son the life and love he deserves. I will raise him to be a good Man! Thanks for the comment on the you sensing I won’t be alone forever. That gives me such hope! I do feel as well that someone wonderful is coming into my life pretty soon even. I want to say I will think of you whenever I feel overwhelmed because you were able to accomplish raising two boys on your own. Thank you for making the world a better place!
    Lots of Love,

  7. Josie

    I can almost bet both my kids are psychic. Both have done things or said things that have AMAZED me and their father (but we are as well). I grew up in a home that encouraged to listen to our “voices”, to follow our feelings on if a person or place was safe…and over the years I can say one thing, I am grateful to my parents who didn’t tell us we were crazy or needed to stop doing that! Where as my kid’s father was continually told to stop, things like that didn’t exist, ect. We both encourage our kids, but like I was reminded, not all adults are comfortable with hearing somethings, you need to let mom or dad know, or not say anything unless asked! My daughter has already said things to my mom that makes my mom do double takes or tells her to go tell the person who needs to hear it. I know she can see spirits, she tells me she has a couple in her room that watch over her at night! Or the time both my daughter and my niece were going through a photobook of my now dead grandma (who passed away a while ago) and took one look and went that Granma!…lol, my mom looked up and asked them who they were talking about. They showed her the picture and both told her that she watches over them, they knew her before they were born! Sometimes it’s a simple message like that.

    I hope to teach my kids how to control things a bit better when they get older, it will make their life easier, as it did with me and their father. At least we can teach them or know of people that can.

  8. MoonMist

    was a very intuitive child. I remembered a past life in completedetail, frequently communicated with what I called an “angel” although she didn’t have wings, and often had dreams that would come true. My mother dismissed the former two as imagination, but she herself had dreams that come true, so she took stock in those. The former two are the ones that seems to have shaped my life most. For most of my school years I wanted to be an Egyptologyst because of my past life (no, I wasn’t Cleopatra, I don’t know what my name was, but I took care of children and wore a ‘headdress’ of a fine golden substance that almost looked like lace, but was warm and bevy like a metal. Anyway, I was wracked with guitl because one of the children, the one thatjust happened to be the son of my best friend, were beheaded one night when there was some sort of invasion). I always hoped I would find out who I was. And my ‘angel’ had red hair. To this day I have a deep connection with people with red hair. I have always wondered if my soulmate will have red hair. I too saw black spots I was deaply afraid of that would fly around the room at night. I remember being petrified, too afraind to even call out for mom. The ‘sparkles’ didn’t scare me like the black ‘phantoms’ did. Mom passed both of those off as my ‘eyes playing tricks’ on me.
    Because of my past, I have worried about my son. So from the time he was born I have had protective runes under his bed and at his window. So far he hasn’t had any problems, isn’t afraid of the dark at night. Although I have noticed that if he sees a dark room when he is awake, he runs to the door and closes it. This doesn’t happen wen a light is turned on, I have my suspisions as to why he has to close them, but so far he hasn’t told me why. He also seems to understand more than he should. His dad walked out on him when he was a week old, but we are now beginning what looks to be turning into a nasty custody battle. More than once he has said that he “doesnt want them to take him away” or he will ask “is the bad lady gioing to take me” (we’re guessing the ‘bad lady’ is my ex’s new fiancée). It’s hard to reasure him when we don’t know anything. He also plays ” I’m so sorry I left you” with his babies. He’s two. It’s heartbreaking to see a two year old play these games and talk about these things.

    Just thought I’d share. And for those parents going through the ‘sprinkles’ or the ‘phantoms’ maybe try the runes, then you could perhaps let the kiddos know that what they see may seem scary, but that they are safe. It works, so far, with my son, all kids are different, but it can’t hurt to try.

  9. Becky Nelson

    Thanks for this article. I have been seeing signs in my daughter, age 5, since she could talk. One event that comes to mind is something she said to my mother-in-law when we were leaving a Christmas gathering in snowy weather: “Don’t worry, Grandma, we’ll survive.” It was not something a 4-year-old would say. We stopped for an extra round of hugs and goodbyes. On our way home, we came upon an accident that had occurred just minutes earlier. We later found out that a vehicle driving in the opposite direction had crossed the median and hit the vehicle on our side head-on, killing those in the vehicle that was hit.

    My 3-year-old has been saying things lately too that have been on my mind but I’ve never mentioned, things she would not know otherwise. I have to admit, it’s a little strange as a mother wondering if my daughters could possibly know my thoughts.

    Both of my children are fearful of the dark and being alone. My 5-year-old has already been described by her teacher as a good student but melancholy, easily troubled and complaining of frequent minor aches and pains. I realize these could very well be normal childhood issues, but if there is anything else I could be doing, advice is welcome.

  10. Abigail Ext 9570

    He will figure out what that energy means for him. I have different things or I see or sense differnt energy for differnt things and reasons. I will not mention what certain things mean for me because it could be totally differnt for you and him. You will be just fine I raised 2 boys alone you are strong besides I do not get a sense you will be alone forever ~ smile

    Many Blessings


  11. Taryne

    I see energy moving around sometimes too like what he is describing I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. He just called the “sprinkles” his bad dream sign that when they came he would have a bad dream. But, I really feel the bad dream part might have been said to try to stay out of bed. So I never said I didn’t believe him. I just gave him some tools to feel better and empowered. But I also didn’t want to be dramatic and make it worse.

  12. Taryne

    Thanks Abigail,
    I actually do plan to sign him up for martial arts he needs a more physical outlet and it teaches so much more than that as well. I will keep lighters and matches away from him. It is funny you mention it because his dad actually had serious problems with setting things on fire and even went to the fire department many times for a talking to. His family home burned down when he was little. The police actually thought he did it because of his past. But he and his family claim he did not do it. I am going to have a talk with Evan about fire safety and curiosity and stuff tomorrow. I appreciate your help. It is so hard to parent alone!

  13. Abigail Ext 9570

    All of us have some abilities it’s how we tune into them. Children are like little sponges up to a certain age, they are open to all around. Because they have not developed the critical mind filter yet they are able to see all sorts of things we do not. Just foster the being open and letting him tell you about it. Don’t tell him he’s crazy or it’s not there just listen. Also you have to be careful of telling him adult things about psychic stuff or overload and fear set in. Best advice is be open so he shares with you and is able to. Let him grow up without pushing it on him. Parents make the mistake of trying to force things on thier kids this is a formular for failure. Evan even though he is young he feels the abandonment of his father this come out in aggression. I have found that music or martial arts for boys helps release this. Its good for them its’ teaching some copeing skills. I hope this helps. Also please pay attention when he gets the age of being able to light matches or lighters keep them away and out of sight.

    Many Blessings

  14. Taryne

    Thanks Abigail I have always loved all your comments and articles. Do you think my son may be psychic? What can I do to help him? Not only these things are happening for him but his father abandoned us when Evan was only two. Yet my son is so strong and resilient. I feel lost as to how to help him. He does have a lot of aggression. Thanks to all of you!

  15. Valerie

    I’ve also been told my 9yo daughter is an ‘Indigo child’. She says she can see fairies and angels (more angels now than fairies). She even described meeting the Fairy Queen. I have to admit I found it a little hard to believe because she does have a vivid imagination and can sometimes say things she thinks you want to hear. She is also supposed to be a ‘healer’ and she has been able to make pains in areas of my body feel better by touching it for a brief period of time.

    My other daughter 6yo is also supposed to be psychic and able to see angels, but the psychic I spoke to said she was fighting it. My younger daughter did mention to me one time about seeing a ‘darkness’ in a boy from her school. When I asked her what she saw in others (I asked specific names too), she said lightness and/or love, but he has a darkness. When I asked about her father (my ex-husband) she said she saw darkness in him too. I asked what she thought the darkness meant and she said it meant there was a badness in them.

    They both insist on having a light on at night (2 night lights because one isn’t enough) and my oldest insists on having all the other doors around her closed, but main bedroom door open.

    So do they really have some type of ability and if so, how do I help to guide them to develop these gifts or even just to deal with them?

    Thank you for your wonderful article and help!

  16. tess

    WOW! I haven’t thought of this since I was a child but – I totally know what ”sprinkles” are. I saw them myself when I was a kid. When your room is dark you can see tiny moving pieces in the air. when a light is on – they disapear.They are scary because they are devoid of color – they are black & grayish and they move all over – sort of like bees.I hated them too….

  17. Taryne

    Hi Jaela and Everybody Else,

    This is such a great article and interesting topic. I too, like Abigail have a five year old son who cannot pay attention in school. He is extremely bright however. His teacher doesn’t quite understand him and he seems to not do well with the traditional discipline. I had a reading with Brendallyn from CP and she brought up in my reading that my son was very intuitive and very intelligent. It is really hard for me as a parent because I don’t know how to help him. I am a single Mom. I am very loving and supportive but don’t know what to do for him. He gets really aggressive when frustrated because he is actually a bit of a perfectionist. He also used to mention being scared at night by what he called “sprinkles”. He said they came at night and moved around his room. He hasn’t mentioned them in a while though but he always needs a light on… Any ideas? By the way Jaela is a beautiful name…

  18. Denise

    Yes make them all the same, fit them in box and if they don`t fit alter them they will fit,,,people are different and what is nice…

  19. delta

    Hi Jaela. Just wanted to add my own personal experience. The women in my mum’s family, don’t know about the guys, have always had the ability to know when someone was passing soon. One aunt, now passed used to say she could ‘smell’ something, I always have had a ‘feeling’ that is hard to describe. When I was a young teen I was terrified by glimpses of the future that would come to me in dreams and so suppressed them. As I have grown I can accept that the world isn’t only what we can empirically prove and am more open to learning from what I am shown in dreas and in the cards. My youngest son, the third, born on the 11th has always had an amazing insight into the world around him and at the age of 18months whilst watching a movie showing ancient battles was moving both wrists and hands through a series of exercises used by swordsmen to strengthen and practice moves. From a very early age he also insisted his name was other than that which we had given him. I remember each time gently saying, that may have been your name before but now it is Ethan. He gradually grew away from that belief and cannot now remember ever having it. I agree that it may be better to gently suppress the ability in children so that they learn to live in this world and fit in with society, and so they don’t suffer the terror that I did when I started to ‘see’ the future in dreams with no one to guide. However I think we need to be honest when they ask questions or seek guidance so that they can grow into their knowledge when they are able to live in both worlds.

  20. Abigail Ext 9570

    Bingo Darcy!
    Years ago I was told my oldest had a learning disability I looked at the teacher like she was on some other planet. There was a communication problem going on…I said I believe him to be dyslexic but there is no disability where learning goes this kid is just to smart. So I insisted on testing for dyslexia & IQ. Results classic for the dyslexia and high IQ This child has zero problems with reading, writting or understanding anything he had to learn a differnt way. You can’t put a round peg in a square hole or vice versa. The youngest they said he may have ADD I said test him he was outstanding in the schools overseas he’s bored. High IQ and totally bored. Of course he was not going to pay attention.This is the child that is musically gifted and someday will channel the music he writes..So lets make everyone alike. Drug them to conform rather than challenge them. It was the easy lazy way out I did not accept it. Ooohhh I get all spun up on this one… maybe thats where the cougar totem comes from messing with the kittens LOL

    Many Blessings

  21. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thanks, Jaela. Really unqiue article, so I said, earlier….I never resisted, even though I had not any support. I must have seen every twilight zone episode a dozen of times….I remember making a strong connection at about 11, watching the paranormal films, “Audrey Rose.” I had to calm my mother down after we watched it. lol
    In jr. high I played Dungeon and Dragons -and of course, Ouji, too.
    Later, at 14, I started to teach myself about ESP. One thing lead to an other, and by 20, I checked myself into a metaphysical center. A year later, received a grant to go study in southeast Asia-You can do it without support. But how nice it would have been to have the family back it…lol the best part is, both parents are born on the 13th-father actually was born on friday the 13th…and my life partner has a mother that originates from Transylvania…..Interesting huh?
    Just wanted to share. Years later, I got lucky, 100 year old granny, has had major experiences with grandpa on the other side….And guess who she turns to for this? Me……She is a believer now.
    It’s all good. And kudos to the open minded parents out there that are not afraid of their children being intuitive. Blessings,
    Miss Krystal

  22. Just Breathe

    Jaela, An American indian shawman once told me my youngest child is an “Indigo Child” . Have you heard of this term and what does it mean?

  23. Kell

    Hi Jaela. Thank you for this article. I believe that I was able to see & feel things when I was little. I had an imaginary friend named Bob when I was younger as well. I also believe that something scared me when I was little and I therefore shut out the majority of it. I have always had feelings or just known things but without a lot of detail. I have been right 9 times out of 10. I am now trying to open myself up and I must say that it is harder when you are older. Thanks again for this article.
    – Kell

  24. Jaela

    Hi Miss Krystal, I started seeing spirits or angels when I was about 5 years old, I too was sent to private school….I later found out when I was about 20 that my parents actually used to come in and listen to me talk in my sleep as a child because the stories I would speak of sounded like past livesand they found it interesting..I too was afraid as a child, now I look forward to my spirit interaction. 🙂

    Blessings, Jaela

  25. Jaela

    Hi Darcy, all of that is so true, as a paranormal investigator I run across childeren like this all of the time. Many times this is the reason my paranormal group has initially been called in to investigate what has been happening to a child in a household. Often these are the first warning signs of a presence in the home as well. Jaela

  26. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jaela,
    This was a delightful article to read….

    I was blessed with having been raised and tutored from age 5 ,( actually from when I could walk & talk), by a famous psychic who was a pioneer in this field.

    If only more parents would not so easily dismiss those things you mentioned in your article as an ” over-active ” imagination.

    This was a refreshing article on a new topic….I enjoyed it immensely.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  27. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Great post…So unique…I wish my parents would have realized I was psychic…They just kept getting my IQ tested and put me in private school lol
    I spoke in Jacqueline’s last post about some angels that had visited me and rescued me as a child from danger…..last year, I had a discussion on one of verbenna’s blogs about the same thing-Verbenna felt those “angels” were spirit guides, or something similar to that…I believe it…
    But the difference now, versus a child, is, I am not afraid….I used to afraid when I was a kid. I was one of those kids that had to have the door opened and the lights on when I would sleep. I saw too many things….I just do not fear anymore. I admire all parents who can identify their children being intuitive.
    Love the post.
    ps I had “special dimensional friends” that I called as a kid, “Lola” and “olive” lol
    Miss Krystal

  28. Jen

    I’m going to start this off with Jaela’s line about children with imaginary friends.

    I had an imaginary friend named Michael who I used to tell stories and vice versa. Interestingly, my uncle who I consider a mentor is also named Michael. Anya Dawn recently told me of our soul connection. Not only that… I’m Catholic and my confirmation Saint is Michael. (I didn’t like going to church but I used to stare at the stained glass window of Michael with the devil at his feet)

    So I definitely think that he is some sort of spirit guide. Cool post Jaela!


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