Guardian Angels vs. Spirit Guides

There actually is a big difference between “Guardian Angels” and “Spirit Guides.” Guardian Angels have never taken a physical form. They have never gone through the birthing process as we know it. Spirit Guides – on the other hand – inhabited a physical body before they made a transition to the other side.

Guardian Angels are with us from birth, and help us enter this plane. We each have at least one Guardian Angel by our side. They protect us our entire lives, by helping us fulfill our earthly missions.

How do we access them?
If we want something in particular, we must ask for it. It’s really as simple as having a conversation with your best friend – or your favorite psychic – ver the phone. Give yourself quiet time daily for meditation and prayer. This is an important element in making contact.

Since they have never incarnated, Guardian Angels are androgynous beings, not truly male or female. For our purposes on earth we will often assign a Guardian Angel a gender and name, to assist in our own understanding of them and communication with them.

In readings, I often see a Guardian Angel as an essence of iridescent light that changes color depending upon the message. They have the most magnificent hues surrounding them – colors that we have never seen on planet Earth.

Since the Earth plane is a free will zone, your Guardian Angel will not interfere with your choices and “just automatically make things happen.” Your angel will help or guide you to “make things happen.” Pray for anything you want – nothing is trivial or insignificant. Your prayers will be answered, as long as it will not hurt you or someone else – and if it is in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Remember that when you ask for something in prayer, you are turning the situation over to your guides. That means you have to let go. Resist the temptation to “work on it.” Be assured that if something you’ve asked for is going to hurt you or someone else, your Guardian Angel will see to it that it does not happen, though of course we all know to be careful about what we ask for – because “we just might get it.”

Some requests take longer to manifest – perhaps years or even decades. The most frequent prayer requests from clients is simply, “I just want peace of mind.” That one can take a while, of course.

Identify your Spirit Guides
By contrast, Spirit Guides are often incarnated family members, spouses, lovers, friends and even acquaintances. They share the fact that they have each been in a physical body. They might be centuries-old spirits you are not even aware of, such as a Japanese warrior, a Native American Indian tribesman, or a monastic monk. They have names and birth dates and are still with us, on the other side of a misty veil. In a reading I often invite them to come speak – if they wish.

My experience with Spirit Guides is that after one makes their transition they may be very busy reviewing their life – or even attending school. I’ve actually tried to make contact with certain Spirit Guides in a reading because someone was really hurting and missing their loved one. I’ve been shown a guide with their back to me, sitting on a luxurious cushion inside a Grecian Temple – letting me know they were not ready to communicate yet.

Not everyone who has passed over becomes a guide. Just as we choose our professions here on Earth, Spirit Guides may choose to be of service by communicating with us – or they may have another line of work. When a Spirit Guide is ready to make contact, they will make their presence known. Often they will come to you in the dream state. Those dreams are actual visits. They always come with gentleness to comfort you. Often, they leave you a gift or a message of hope.

Types of angels
There are other realms of Angels, such as Cherubs – who work with babies. Children are extremely connected to the Angelic realm. There are of course, the Archangels such as Michael (truth, integrity, strength, protection), Raphael (healing, wholeness, unity, learning, creativity), Gabriel (guidance, prophecy), Uriel (justice, balance, peace) and others.

Then there are Earth Angels – like you! We are guided daily by our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to bring peace, and to effect change in our lives.

Please share your stories and experiences with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

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