Embracing the Akasha

Use the Akasha to Open Up to Spirit

By now, many of you may have heard of the Akashic Records, but you may not know what they are or how they relate to your life. Some of my clients have reported trying to understand the Akashic Records, but found that the language was too vague or mystical for them to understand. For the sake of brevity and clarity, I am going to offer a beginner’s look into the awe-inspiring and true immensity of the Akashic Records.

You may be in for quite a surprise as we take an initial look at the power of this ancient force. It is considered by those who study it to be likened to the DNA of all life—of all that is known and unknown within the entire universe. That’s a really big thought and for many generations it remained the study of a select group of mystics and scholars. Due to the many changes now taking place in our world, such knowledge is beginning to find its way to anyone who seeks it with a pure and genuine heart.

To begin, the word “akasha” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “space” or “unlimited sky.” The record of this vast, dimensional energy is a collection of all knowledge and all creation from before time. It is difficult for the finite mind of a human being to grasp the astounding depth of true infinity, but this is the basis for the Akashic Records: all emotion, experience and thought is recorded in this source. Hence the term: Akashic Records.

In the mainframe of the Akashic Record all that your spirit has ever experienced or ever will encounter is written and recorded in the infinity of the Akasha. This is also true for every living creature or every sentient being that ever existed or will exist. This force, this “record” is an actual collective of energy that can best be embraced through the simplest of prayers or meditations. While it is as simple as a child’s prayer, to fully understand its immense knowledge and wisdom would take eons of life experiences. This does not mean, however, that it is too great of a concept to grasp or aid you as your move forward in your journey.

If you accept the concept of one Universal and Infinite Source, then it becomes easier to understand the connection you experience with those who are chosen as your soul companions or your soulmates. All energy is flowing in and out of the Akasha and we blend our energies with those who help to purify and strengthen this all-encompassing source.

For many people, connecting with the Akasha may seem quite familiar. It is the reason that you may be reading this article with such curiosity or the reason you are drawn to things of a spiritual nature. It is familiar because it is the essence of your soul and the continuation of all that you are, will be and ever have been. Connecting with this force is often “accidental” for many people. You may recall a time when you had experienced an epiphany or a complete shift in your way of thinking about a subject. In one instant of complete clarity of mind and spirit, you were changed forever. Trying to recreate such an experience will fail because to touch such power is to do so in a truly organic and natural fashion. As the Buddhist say, “It is the knowing without knowing and the seeing without seeing.” It simply happens in its own time and it leaves you forever illuminated and elevated.

Training your mind and heart to be open to those moments is the best way to bring you closer to the awareness of the Akasha. Spend time every day in quiet stillness of the mind and body. Find a prayer or a meditation that quiets your mind and centers your soul. Turn off the daily grind and allow the power of the Infinite to soothe you into being fully conscious in your life. Most of us move so quickly through our lives that we do not connect with the power that is all around us at all times. All the answers to all the questions you have ever sought are already within your reach. You have created the questions and, in turn, you already know the answers. Quiet your soul and listen to what you already know.

This is the beginning of understanding the Infinite—the Akashic Records.

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  1. Gary D. Miller

    Just must thank Jesse for such an informative and simple explanation of the Akashic Records. Wish I could wipe a lot of mine clean and start over again!

  2. misskrystalmisskrystal

    HI Jesse-thanks for such an informative post. I am sure the clients here totally appreciate it. Splendid job!!
    Miss Krystal

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