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We asked our psychics: What’s the single most effective tool you’ve found for developing your psychic abilities? Is it Tarot, a crystal ball, a set of Runes, or something more abstract? Our psychics wrote in with some stunning answers:

Psychic Kelli ext. 5130 relates her philosophy on the matter:

“The technique which works best for me is actually a philosophy. Trusting and living in the divine humor of spiritual law allows us to receive the answers we are seeking. Our psychic ability is a gift which comes with the life within us. Children easily use their psychic abilities. They haven’t turned them off yet. When I was a little girl, my parents discovered that my baby brother was profoundly deaf. In the 1950s, this was a hopeless situation. My mother told me that in order to hear my brother’s thoughts and words, I would need to “listen with my heart.” I’ve been doing this for the past fifty years during readings. Remember that our psychic ability is so much like being in a “house” with windows. We don’t need to open the window and let in a raging storm or have all the bugs flying around in order to see that they are there, we just have to make sure that we aren’t afraid to look through the window to see our answers. We don’t need to absorb the information to receive it and understand it. This is always the challenge of the empath. When it’s painful to absorb, the empaths stop looking through the window. The distinction between perceiving and absorbing must be made. Spiritual law itself will only let through what we are ready to hear. Trusting in the universe and in the knowledge that we are protected by divine grace and love empowers our psychic ability.”

What are your favorite ways to connect to your psychic side?

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5 thoughts on “Psychic Forum: Developing Your Skills

  1. Mr.ShuShuGah

    Who do you first approach when you are down? Your friends? Is it really impossible to live without them? Is it necessary to make friends in the first place?Firstly, friends can help you develop character. With their company, they are able to influence you to become similar like them. For example, a teenager hangs around with good friends that are interested in studying. When the teenager is having problems in studies, his friends are able to help with places he is in doubt. Friends are also able to give advice on how to study effectively and efficiently to spend enough time on studies and friends.

    Secondly, friends motivate you to achieve your goals and succeed in life. Friends will push you to meet your goals and plans. When you are not sure whether you are going the correct path or consider giving up, friends will be there for you and encourage you to strive in what you believe.

    Thirdly, friends are important as you share your joy and sadness with them. When you face a problem, they are there for you would support you all the way. Think of a situation when you are helpless and find your friend to help you. You need some company and a listening ear. If no friends come to your mind, wouldn?t you feel that facing the world alone? By then, silly solutions would come into mind.

    Lastly, by making more friends, you are able to expand your contact list and this will help in the future when one is working. You may not know when these friends help you in your work.

    However, there are times when friends are not necessary to live a good life.

    Friends may not always be true friends. They may make friends because they are interested in your…

  2. barbarawoods

    Sometimes we may feel that everybody around us is in a relationship. This can be tough particularly if you feel like there is pressure for you to be in a relationship. It may help to know that it is a great time to get to know yourself – which makes future relationships even better!

    Everybody is different and this is reflected in what we want out of life. There are lots of good reasons why you may not want a relationship or feel as though you are not ready to have a relationship with a partner right now.

    It’s definitely OK to be single and there’s nothing wrong with you!

    There are also many good things about being single. Some of these may be:

    Your decisions only affect you and do not involve a partner’s wants or needs.
    You can concentrate on doing things you enjoy.
    You can spend time with your friends and meet new people to have good times with.
    It gives you time to reflect on your choices.
    If friends are hassling you because you are single it may be worth remembering the great things about being single and letting them know that being single is Ok.

    Spend time with other single people. It may be a good time to try joining a sporting team to meet some new people. You can also take time out to concentrate on doing things you enjoy.

  3. dazyblue

    I am an empath, and I pick up on and feel the emotions of everyone around me. Sometimes I can feel when certain things are going to happen to people and I am usually right. But, sometime I get these feelings and they are wrong. I guess maybe I need to find time to meditate more often.

  4. cpope39

    My husband is an empath, and your right, they shut things out. He doesn’t understand that he has the ability to feel others feelings, and tries not to believe in it. But I can not show emotion to him, because he is so affected by it that he gets upset. E.I…..if I am feeling upset he picks up on it right away, and then he goes into a stress mode where he gets really upset. I can feel death, I know when it will be. My sister didn’t believe it until our mother recently passed away. I told her three days, and she said “how do you know?”, I couldn’t explain it. I just keep my heart open and listen. And sure enough, my mother passed. My sister was shocked. I knew when my husband’s grandmother was going to die. I can also feel others emotions and read their thoughts. But that I haven’t mastered, because it comes and goes. I have a connection with certain people stronger than others. I tried meditation, but it didn’t seem to work. And on the subject of my husband….he also thinks that when someone is feeling anger its automatically its him they are mad at, call it paranoia, but I think he is picking up just their anger or fustration towards something else, he does it to me all the time.

  5. marietta

    becoming still …living in SPIRIT…and most of all, for me, to channel clearly and powerfully, was to let all go and work through all my issues . to have absolutely no charge with any issue of a client…was the powerful method of being grounded and always in my center…this i achieved with TRAUMA RELEASE EXERCISES AND PROCESSES….i live in faith and have been a medium and clairvoyant from the age of 2/3…then , i did not meditate nor use any tool….i stay clear with prayer , and visualisation and introspection nowadays…and keeping my FUN PART ALIVE…just for ME…

    when i have a day like this…not too many clients or work…i read about and chat to other psychics…that gives me the feeling of connectedness to ONE…which is also important for my passion for this work…love AND LIGHT TO ALL…ALWAYS


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