Conan O’Brien: Will His New Show Succeed?

(UPDATE: Conan’s show debuted last night to generally good reviews – with a 2.8 Nielsen rating.  As predicted in the astrological read below, many have commented on the off-color humor and a slightly tense atmosphere on the show that may have rubbed some the wrong way…)

Conan O’Brien returns to television tonight at 11 p.m., on TBS. The actor, who was prematurely booted from The Tonight Show, is expected to make a triumphant comeback (Tom Hanks, as well as Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame, are his hosts for his first outing).

But what does astrology say about the potential success or not-quite-success of his new outing? By combining Conan’s own birth chart with the chart of the premiere episode of the show, we can arrive at a composite chart for the new show, much as we would arrive at by drawing up a composite chart for a couple.

What would such a chart reveal? The composite chart for Conan and his new show reveals some interesting details and tensions: Sun in Aquarius shows the power of mass communications, and suggests an epic ability to communicate en masse to the world, as well as keeping up with the current zeitgeist and trends in the world. Mercury in Aquarius, as well, makes for doubly effective communication power, showing creating a strong tendency for success. Moon in Capricorn suggests great drive and ambition, however, it also seems to suggest a dark and perhaps slightly unsavory side. Maybe Conan’s humor won’t quite work out the way it’s meant to, rubbing people just a tad wrong? Venus additionally appears in Capricorn, which also seems to suggest a tendency towards off-color, sexual humor which may limit Conan’s mass appeal and also, additionally, rub people slightly the wrong way. Jupiter in Pisces suggest idealism in the financial handlings of the show, with the potential for overspending or mismanagment of funds – not out of irresponsibility, but out of idealizing the popularity and overestimating the potential of the show.

In all, it’s a recipe for serious communication power, and is likely a show that will be seen and adored by millions. But for how long? The chart also suggests a few imbalanced factors that may hinder the longterm survivability of the show. But here’s hoping – and welcoming Conan back to late-night television, where he belongs for good.

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2 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien: Will His New Show Succeed?

  1. misskrystal

    I think I like, “Lopez tonight” so much that I cannot really say-I hope Conan does well because I felt really bad what happened to him with Leno… Even though I was lucky enough to have met Leno, years ago, and he is a wonderful person. I still did not think Conan deserved that…So I wish you Luck, Conan…
    I admire you for just keeping on…
    Miss Krystal


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