Can Your Mood Sway the Tarot?

Dana writes:

Is it possible to influence the outcome of a Tarot reading?

Hi Dana,

What a great question you have. Your answer is yes. As an Empath, it is extremely important for me to request that my clients relax, focus on their breathing, wiggle their toes, rub their hands, or something else that will distract them from anxiety. Any extreme feeling or desires can effect your reading with an Empath — however, it’s also important for a reader to be able to sort through fear to get to the truth.

I have seen some psychics read the minds of very emotional people. Having a psychic pluck everything from how a “co cheater” looks, down to the day you are afraid your girlfriend cheated, can be very disheartening. This doesn’t make them bad readers either. On the contrary, it shows you the power and attunement of the person you are talking to.

There are also some very pushy people who can’t accept what the reader is truly seeing. They reshape questions and over-analyze to morph the reading into what they want to hear. This type of client can also hurt the integrity of not only the reading, but the psychic… plus emotionally drain the conduit.

So, remember, it’s very important to come to a reading relaxed and prepared to abandon all you think you know and open yourself up to a new perspective.

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