Billy Ray Cyrus & Son’s Paranormal Outing

Billy Ray Cyrus – the early-Nineties country hitmaker now best know for fathering Miley Cyrus – is set to star in a new paranormal investigation series with his son Trace. The duo will investigate the supernatural side of life starting in the fall. MSN reports:

Billy Ray Cyrus is returning to the small screen with another member of his family: He’s teaming up with son Trace for a reality show about conspiracy theories involving paranormal phenomena… Now he’s signed a deal with the Syfy network to star on “UFO: Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious,” which will see the singer and 21-year-old Trace traveling cross-country to investigate unexplained activity.

The Cyrus patriarch tells Variety, “The existence of paranormal phenomena is something I’ve always wanted to explore further. Getting the opportunity to take this adventure with my son, who has always had a keen interest in this area, is a dream come true.


“I hope this series can shine a light on some of the activities we have questioned, and the mysteries that have long inspired us.”

What do you think – does the new Cyrus outing have the makings of a hit?

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