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Why do you keep holding on to love for someone that you KNOW isn’t good for you? When introduced to someone new, why do you feel so strongly that you have “met before?” Why does it feel as if you have been with, or should be with, someone who considers you “just a friend”? Yet it goes even deeper than that – people have been affected by places, cities and countries, as if they are remembering bits and pieces, or just the vibrations of being there before. Is it a cellular or spiritual memory of a past life?

I’ve studied hypnosis and past life regression (PLR) since I was 21 years old – over thirty years – and I must tell you that what started out as an effort to debunk past lives, has proven to me how REAL these “memories” are. Now the way that I see it, it can be cellular, coming to you from the DNA of your ancestors; or it can be the prior experiences of your soul, which you can even tune into as if they are radio frequencies if you are sensitive enough. Lady Sarah Merlin teaches us that “we are a tribe within ourselves,” so that there may be a “part” or “piece” of us that splits off for a lifetime or two, then returns. Hence, we can have a past life memory of a timeline that overlaps another. We can even go further into quantum physics, and explore consecutive timelines and deeper theories of time itself. But for now, let’s just examine how we can use it!

One of the first cases that convinced me, years ago, was a woman who begged me to explore her past lives for something that would explain a “mysterious” shoulder pain that no doctor or X-ray (these were the pre-MRI days) could explain. I was skeptical at that point, but I relented. We almost immediately went to a battle scene where men were fighting on a battlefield in armor. She was a man, a leader, fighting, when suddenly she was cut down from the rear as a sword went through her shoulder and down into her heart. As she crumpled and died, she saw that it was her OWN brother who had done this! He returned and claimed the Earldom for his own, as his brother, the heir, was “slain in battle!” Talk about early cases of “friendly fire!”

After she realized that the brother in that lifetime was her ex husband in the current lifetime, it not only changed their relationship (i.e., saved it), but the shoulder pain stopped completely! The pain had helped her to find the information that saved her marriage!

Do you have any past life stories that helped you heal your current lifetime?

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  1. silverfaery333

    I know of several different views of past lives. Several of my closest friends are involved in them. I know of only one that I am still working on to this day. He’s one of the few people that has gotten or has known me for who I am from the first time I met him. He even admits that he remembers looking at me and somehow knowing who I was and feeling like he had known me for a long time…..when it was the very first time in this life we had met! It seems with him, each life I have known him in has been a struggle with the two of us, and most likely will continue down that road until we finally figure things out! I have re-met up with great friends, and gotten rid of a few people that had both past and current issues.

    I know many don’t want to believe or just don’t bother with believing in past lives (the one I am close states, life on earth one time is enough for me, there is no way I would want to come back here after leaving, and yet so many including himself refers to him as an old-soul! Just a stubborn one at that–which I have found most old-souls to be!).

    I am always looking into new ways to discover bits of my past life, and it’s really nice when you find historical records to back your memories up! And no not everyone is someone famous.

  2. Dm Gibson

    i would like to se more on this. i have had that bothers me deeply about a massacre in hamden ny. native americans murdered by the calvary women and kids. at first i thought yeah just movies and readings.. but then when i drove by the scene chills rose… it was the exact scene.. reason i thought it was yeah right before was the calvary wore grey. going to a reactment(civil war) they said that because they both wore blue and grey until they were killing their own.explained.the natives look to be cheyenne which i am told they too were here.

  3. donna

    A great book is “One Soul, Many Bodies” by Dr. Brian Weiss. Very interesting information.

    I know this is true, I have had some unusal things in my life and recently due to finding out about a past life has allowed me to rid myself of a couple of problems. It is true, we come here more than once to learn and grow. If we do not learn our lessons, we come around again for a repeat of the course until we get it.

  4. high5

    I must respond to your question, “Do you have any past life stories that helped you heal your current lifetime?” with a resounding, “Yes!”
    Last year, I went to a very gifted local psychic, seeking insight into why I have been so submissive throughout the course of this lifetime. During my reading, I learned of two past lifetimes, one in which, as a child, I had been enslaved by a tyrant who had stolen me from my family and kept me as his concubine. In the other lifetime, I was the wife of an oppressive husband…very enlightening. But the “ah ah” moment came when it was revealed who these tyrants are to me in this lifetime. It was that realization that prompted me to put an end to my submissiveness once and for all, to finally break free of these tyrants…in this lifetime…so we can be on an equal footing in the next.

  5. Psychic Yemaya 5143Psychic Yemaya 5143

    Ad you can tell, this topic is one I enjoy, so I will go directly to Matie’s site! First a few words to dear Nessa, Darlin girl, this is a question that comes with life, and you are asking the right folks. As you would ask a Mechanic “where your Fuel Filter is”, so you would ask a Doctor, “why do we even HAVE an apendix?” Talking to Psychics, especially those of us who are Mediums, can give you ways to find your own truth, your own proof of the existance of “souls”. We deal in speaking with more than just “human bodies”, we see into the deeper part of people, even after the body is done, there is still a “you”. The deeper you go into PLR, or Paranormal Investagation, you see proof of this existance constantly. From a spiritual stand point, feeling disconnected from your soul is a symptom of a need to change your life….take those steps and see your “soul” learn to dance!

    Verbena, thank you so much. I get such a good vibration from you…I wish we could sit and have some tea and talk and laugh, I know we would get along!

    Ok…off to read more about hypnotism and PLR!~!!

    Ciao Darlinks!


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