Astrology of the Men of LOST

The sixth and final season of the critically and commercially acclaimed series Lost is here. What do the stars have to say about the sexy men at the heart of the series?

Josh Holloway (James “Sawyer” Ford)
Sexy Southerner Sawyer was seen as the consummate con man from the time he landed on the island. As we’ve all learned, however, things are rarely as they seem there, and smoldering Sawyer (played by Josh Holloway) had a lot more to offer under the surface.

Born on July 20, 1969, Josh Holloway’s Sun in Cancer (which is joined there by meaning-seeking Mercury) belies some of the sensitivity and depth we’ve come to see in the character he plays. Holloway is an emotionally driven, sweet-natured sort, qualities lurking beneath Sawyer’s dangerous exterior. Likewise, with love-ruling Venus in the duplicitous sign of the Twins and sex-ruling mars in adventurous Sagittarius, his lothario leanings (and simmering sex appeal) endow him with just the qualities needed to portray Sawyer’s darker details. Add Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus in balance-seeking Libra, and he’s just fickle enough to bounce between both sides. But which one will prevail?

Matthew Fox (Jack Shephard)

While Jack Shephard may’ve seemed like an everyday over-achiever at first (you know the type — clean cut, charming, strong), over time we’ve learned of his struggles with control and a desire to set things right.

Like the character he plays, actor Matthew Fox is an emotionally complex man, with a powerful intellect and the courage of his convictions, giving him a heady sort of sex appeal … All of which can be seen in his chart.

Born on July 14, 1966, Fox has Sun, Mars, and Jupiter in the sensitive Sign of Cancer, tempered by in intellectual powerhouse Gemini Moon and Mercury in lion-hearted Leo. As a result, his emotions run
deep (and high), making him passionate and protective. Plus, his sizable problem-solving skills are enhanced by his charisma in conveying things … The result? As we’ve seen now over five seasons, Fox
is the perfect match to play former spinal surgeon Jack, the leader of the survivors on the island.

Naveen Andrews (Sayid Jarrah)
A former Iraqi Republican Guard torturer, Sayid Jarrah comes to the island with a particularly complex past. Far from the evil-natured sort we might expect of someone with his history, he is actually full of courage, strength, and spirituality. Throughout the series, we’ve seen him strive to do the right thing, while coming to terms with the demons from his past.

Born on January 17, 1969, British-born Naveen Andrews is the quintessential strong (almost) silent type, whose Mars in Scorpio makes for a deep and dark sort of sex appeal, rife with the complexity
necessary for the role. Practical and sensual courtesy of his Sun and Moon in earthy Capricorn, Andrews’ Aries Rising Sign imbues him with passion — and informs Sayid’s notable leadership skills. Add to this his Venus in Pisces, which makes him a sensitive seeker, and the picture is complete.

Daniel Dae Kim (Jin-Soo Kwan)
Proud and quiet at first (courtesy of a language barrier), Jin-Soo Kwan seemed to audiences to be little more than an overbearing husband to his wife, Sun — particularly after it was revealed that she knew English, whereas he did not. But beneath a seemingly gruff exterior, Jin has proven that his jealousy is rooted not just in insecurity but a code of honor, steeped in tradition and far more generous than first
impressions would allow.

Born on August 4, 1968, Daniel Dae Kim’s Leo placements — which go beyond the sun to include both Mercury and Venus in the sign of the Lion — give him a proud, forceful energy, allowing him to easily slide into Jin’s skin. Add to this a sensitive (but still sexy) Cancer Mars and adventurous Sagittarian Moon and his understanding of the character deepens — not only can he relate to Jin’s gradual softening, but his spirit of adventure and bravery as well.

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Matthew Fox….the name fits !!!! What a fox!

    Blondish hair , blue eyes……NICE. He can play doctor and operate on me any day. he he

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. Rhonda

    Matthew Fox is a very nice looking man , 1 that I would’nt mind getting to know…..They say curiosity killed the cat yet I’m willing to take my chances LOL Love the show and watch it every time it’s on….


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