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My daughter, who is 12 years old, was sleeping in my bed….due to us painting and redecorating her room. She started talking in her sleep, as she does quite often. I decided to really listen to her. She was talking in a different language/tongue. The only word that I understood was the name Christine. I asked her the next morning if she remembered her dream. She said that it had to do with something Spanish. She didn’t speak Spanish during her sleep. The words were clear, concise, and definitely a different language.

What was she speaking and who was she communicating with? Thank you so much for your insight!

Cindy in Ohio

Dear Cindy,

I’m told by Guides that your daughter was speaking “the Moorish language,” which is apparently a dialect of Arabic, and which was prevalent when the Moors dominated Spain for nearly 800 years in the late Middle Ages.

She was speaking with a new Spirit Guide, one with whom she shared a past life during the Moorish occupation of Spain, and when she spoke she was reliving a scene from that past life. I’m being shown that after that “introductory” scene, the dream moved on to a sort of get-acquainted session between your daughter and this new Guide, who introduced himself as Rashid.

I’m sure you already know, Cindy, that you have a very magical daughter! I’m told she has acute visionary gifts, a natural tendency to be aware of energies outside of everyday reality, and, fortunately, a really terrific Mom who can keep her grounded and organized, and who will help her navigate a world that can sometimes feel fuzzy or alien to her.

I’ve also been asked to validate something you already know: that nurturing and motherhood are your growing edge in this life, the place where you have the experiences which create spiritual growth, transformation and enlightenment. And in case you didn’t take it in when you first read it, I’m asked to repeat this so you “get” it – you are a terrific mother!

Blessings to you and your special child.

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