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Do you believe that people that have bad intentions or bad spirits guiding them, bring their darkness with them into your home? My husband’s mother is a very dark, jealous, untrusting, injured, hurt, misunderstood lady, and ever since she entered my home, I feel like I’m living in a flood of negative energy. It’s like that in the entire country where I live here in Morocco, the difference being it was not like that here in my home, that feeling of loneliness and gloom, until she entered.

Because of issues with her stealing and invasion of privacy, she is no longer allowed in here, because she desecrated my home several times over the years. I still feel her dark, sad, lonely, nervous energy, and I no longer feel comfortable and happy in my own home. Can you please explain the effects, if any, of negative energy attached to people, getting left behind?


Lorie in Morocco

Dear Lorie,

It can be profoundly upsetting to have the familiar and comforting energy of your surroundings, your safety zone, disrupted by negativity, and it has to be even more difficult to feel like you’re permanently stuck with it!

While it seems to me that fear and unhappiness are the main cause of the troublesome energies surrounding your husband’s mother, rather than bad intentions or bad spirits, that’s not much help for your real challenges, which are how to restore the comfortable, happy energy to your home, and how to deal with your mother in law. Barring her from your home has clearly not achieved healing of the negative energies, but you can do it!

Even though you didn’t specifically ask for help from your own spirit guides, they have a lot to say. The most important information may seem too simple, or subtle, to be of much use, but your guides insist that it’s one of your most important life lessons, and its mastery will awaken great healing gifts in you which will benefit everyone you meet – including your husband’s mother!

The true situation is the reverse of what it might seem. The truth is that the person with the most power and influence in this situation is you. The negative energy in your home can only be there with your permission, which you unconsciously give by believing that the negative energy has more power than the happy, comfortable energy which is the natural state of your home. It doesn’t!

You have a long and strong karmic relationship with your mother in law, and agreement that the two of you made while you were still in soul form was that this time you would change her energies… and that your power and intention, when awakened, would be dominant in your relationship with her. According to your guides, your task is to help heal her troubled spirit by first accepting her as she is, then by restoring and then holding your home and personal energy field in the healing, happy and comfortable energy which feels right for you. Finally, when you’re confident of your strength and focus – by inviting her for brief visits occasionally so that she may benefit from the loving space which you have created.

Easy to say, but not so easy to achieve, right? True, at its core this is simply an act of focused intention, but there are many visualizations and techniques which help you learn how to claim your space and then maintain the energies you prefer. Our has a number of articles about clearing negative energies, and there are plenty of other books and websites on the subject as well.

But those are all just techniques to awaken you to your true purpose, which is to heal and comfort others with your own powerful, warm, loving and accepting energies. This is created simply by the practice of unconditional love! Very few of us are like Mother Theresa, able to unwaveringly live our lives in service with unconditional love; but even with all-too-human frailties, just trying to act from a place of unconditional love has immense power and effectiveness.

This is a big challenge for anyone, Lorie, but all the spirits who gathered to discuss this agree that you’re more than ready for it. Good luck, and thanks for sharing this important question so that others can learn from you!

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