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Hello my name is Alicia and I am a sensitive Clairvoyant medium but cannot always answer my own questions. So here is a question that I have been wanting an answer to. Who is the female presence that I feel around me a lot? I feel her around my kids as well. My house is very active for being brand new and I know it’s the land, but I feel that this female is someone not connected to the land but connected to me. Am I just getting stronger as far as my own abilities go? I would love some answers to this one.

Dear Alicia,

If it’s any comfort, I frequently can’t answer my own questions, either!

As to the female presence you feel, she feels very “goddess-y” to me.

Your presence is not the first time I’ve encountered guides or teachers who not only feel like gods or goddesses, but who also identify themselves as such. It has always seemed perfectly natural to me that ancient Hindu or Celtic or Shinto gods and goddesses would still be present and active in the Collective Unconscious, and would particularly spend time with people who were in an intense period of growth or evolution, as you are.

Your goddess teacher appears to be Shakti, who is often depicted as the god Shiva’s consort, and who partners with him in the raising of Universal Kundalini, or sacred life force energy. As you have realized, she is there for your kids as well as you, and she’s there on behalf of the land as well, but as partner in a project with you as opposed to connected to the land itself.

There is a complex and impressive mix of energies going on in your little corner of the world, the beginnings of a spiritual sanctuary of sorts, a healing center which you have specifically been brought there to activate, and which will continue naturally and pretty much effortlessly for a long time to come. Your kids’ energies are as important as yours in the equation, and you have gathered as a soul family to take on this joyful task.

I’m being asked to tell you something I suspect you already know, and that is that there’s nothing specific for your kids to do or be or learn for this process. Their particular individual energy signatures are doing whatever’s needed. I am also being told that your impulses and instincts regarding the land, and its energy, and your family are right on target, and to please continue as you are, and to follow your delight, as it always leads you to the right place.

And thanks for the blessings, Alicia. May they be returned to you and yours a thousandfold!

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