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I had the most powerful relationship of my life — it broke up due to his ‘issues.’ Since then, I struggle with my decision because, for some reason, I sense him — I know when he is going to contact me, I have even physically felt what he was feeling at times.

My question is, am I meant to be with him — are we soulmates? I’m not even sure he is still interested, maybe just drawn to me? Is this reflective of an unresolved relationship in a past life?

I don’t seem to be able to really hear my spirits — I do pray to my angel, the Universe, and God for guidance — how do I hear them? It has been two years, and I fear he will be my last chance at love …


Thank you,

Renee in Pittsburgh

Dear Renee,

In a sense, love is a life path for all of us. But for some, such as you, relationships of all kinds are the leading edge of soul growth. You grow through the experience of giving and receiving care and passion, and learn about yourself through your loving or addictive connections. I recommend you print out copies of the California Psychics’ blog article by Psychic Faith entitled “Relationships for a Reason, Season or Lifetime” and the staff article “Unconditional Love — Is it Possible?” and read them often.

This man with whom you still feel so connected is most definitely not your last chance at love. Whether you experience a passionate connection such as you had with him (but successful!) in the future depends on choices you make. It is certainly one of your possibilities.

Not all life-changing relationships are meant to be long-term. A few, as in the case with this relationship, are soul connections meant to open a psychic door, which allows loving and healing energy to pass between you. You have a soul contract with this man to support him in his healing journey for a while. You don’t have to be with him to have your loving concern make a difference, and your guides tell me that as long as the open connection isn’t hurting you, there is no harm in your continuing to be psychically connected to him until your gut says that it’s time to let go.

Your Spirit Guides really want you to develop ways that allow them to communicate clearly with you, partly because they want to help you know when to let go of control, and how to recognize the difference between healthy versus fantasy-based attractions. You may never literally “hear” your guides, but there are many ways to help them communicate with you. Do you have any favorite spiritual or self-help books? Try asking a question, then opening the book to a random page, and reading what pops out at you. It works, really! Beyond that, try oracles like the Runes, Tarot, or one of the new popular decks. Ask a question, pull between one and three cards, and learn to understand the answers.

Keep on loving, Renee! You have a lot to give.

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