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Shopping For a Mate

You've probably heard the old saying that love finds you when you least expect it - and usually that's true! After all, the universe works in mysterious ways, especially when it comes to l'amour. Still, it ... read more

Green Decorating Tips

Who can resist? The holiday season is a time to savor good food, give gifts and celebrate with loved ones... but it's also a time of mass consumption, excess packaging and well, lots of waste. As we begin ... read more

Retail Therapy

Research shows when we shop, we're actually looking for wisdom, common sense and insight. Here are three alternative ways to get what you need - and take the emotional charge out of shopping. Find three ... read more

Bah Humbug!

Are you among those who recoil from the over-commercialization of Christmas? Do you hear Christmas carols and instantly think of the crush of harried shoppers ranging wildly through the malls? Can you feel ... read more
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