• setting boundaries

Stop The Insanity

Our tendency when we feel overwhelmed is to want to address it all... and right now! But by choosing one or two areas to work on at a time, we can achieve more, and more easily. If you've bitten off more ... read more

Is It Real Love?

After much searching, you've finally found the perfect match! But like everything in life it's never quite that simple. You soon discovered that while you fancy each other you don't share any of the same ... read more

Your Balancing Act

One of the great challenges of contemporary life is maintaining a balance between personal space and time, and the demands of public and private life. With the ever-increasing advantages new technology ... read more

First Date Sins

There's no second chance at a first impression, so why sabotage a first date? Look, everyone's nervous, but that's no excuse to leave your manners at the door, your boundaries back at home and your brain ... read more

Don’t Be Nice

Do you find it difficult to say no? Do you have a fear of displeasing others? Do you have trouble expressing your true feelings? Do you use a sweet syrupy voice when asking for something? Basically - are ... read more
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