How Deep is Your Love?

Okay, so you feel like you're in love... or at least it seems like you are. After all, you're in a committed relationship. But how deep do your feelings really go? And what are the odds your ... read more
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A Look at Sexual Preference

Name this stereotype: A well-groomed, well-dressed man who can cook, appreciates fine things (from a great wine to a high thread count), takes great care of himself physically (abs, anyone?) and isn't ... read more

Relationships That Work

Relationships, new or old, are never easy, but these five tips can help keep you on the right track for a satisfying love life. So whether you're in the market, on the market or happily paired off with the ... read more

The Birds and the Bees

Ah, Spring. The time of year when a young man's fancy turns to hissing, wing-beating, face-rubbing and primal mating dances. Okay, perhaps not every human man. But it's hard to deny that love is in the air ... read more
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5 Keys to a Successful Relationship

Relationships are relentless. Think about it: for most of us, they begin at the end of a struggle - the struggle of searching for someone with whom we click. Then, just when we think the trouble is over, ... read more
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