Be Smart and Sexy

Remember when people thought you couldn't be smart and sexy? Well those days are over! In fact, brains and beauty have always gone together, even when popular culture has dictated that ditzy is the order ... read more

Blinded by Love

Your heart skips a beat every time they approach and you wonder, "Is this the one?" Given all that tingly joy, it's hard to think clearly and assess the worth, and worthiness, of your partner. ... read more

Flirting Tips That Work

Flirting. It's fun, heart-wrenching, terrifying, and exhilarating. It's also an ancient art - and the more you know, the more fun you'll have! Use the flirting tips below to get their attention - even if ... read more

Love at First Sight

It's a wonderful fairy tale that perpetuates nearly every culture in the world. And, some - perhaps the blessed few - say it's no fairy tale at all. Is love at first sight fact or fiction?
read more

Love or Lust?

Ok, you know you like him. You really, really like him. But your raging hormones have left your head (and your heart) spinning. Is it love at first sight or just a temporary overload of the pituitary ... read more
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