Wild Offering Oracle: May 31 – June 6

Wild Offering Oracle Tarot: May 31-June 6 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Tosha Silver, the creator of the Wild Offering Oracle loves to align people with “Inner Love”. So, what is that, anyway?

It seems that it is the part of us where we and the loving Universe intersect. It’s where love is unconditional and guilt or blame is irrelevant.

She hosts an online group called Living Outrageous Openness where you “learn to let the Inner Divine lead.” It’s not about effort, grabbing or chasing, but just letting things show up at their own perfect time to create miracles!

The illustrator, Katie Daisy, floods each card with an unimaginable array of gorgeous wildflowers. They make you want to frolic through each picture of this deck, unendingly. It seems like we might need that about now. So, let’s dive in!

May 31 – Sunday


“Emotions want to be felt. You really can’t surrender something until you deeply feel it.” Silver

This card is saying to immerse yourself in self-acceptance today. It’s impossible to go past anything until we really feel it. Emotions insist on being felt. Give to The Divine, however you conceptualize It, all emotions that seem too intense to bear. Then they will no longer hold you captive today.

June 1 – Monday


“Healing comes from acceptance.” Silver

This card says that now that we’ve accepted what we feel inside, we can extend it to all that’s outside. By accepting what “is” about the world and other people, we will become open to what’s new. Freedom is waiting, so take the plunge today!

June 2 – Tuesday


“Once you embrace the Inner Divine and your own sacred solitude, the right people arrive at the right time.” Silver

When we become the right person, we’ll be surrounded by people who are “right”. We attract what we are. In happy solitude we commune with our memories, our spirit guides, and angels. We can hear them only when we tune in. This is impossible in conditions of too much chatter and activity. They whisper, it seems. They don’t scream, (except occasionally!) The Universe has scheduled our soul meetings. No need to force or chase them down.

June 3 – Wednesday


“I call in the infinite power of love to take over this union in every way.” Silver

What can be more miserable than relationship problems? They strike at our very hearts. But have you ever considered that maybe our relationships aren’t really “ours”, but really belong to the Divine? Ask that solutions unfold in the perfect way with the Greatest Good working for all involved. It seems that what is truly best for one is also best for all in complicated situations. Today, let go of control fearlessly. Watch solutions unfold that you never dreamed were possible!

June 4 – Thursday

Being Enough

“The innermost heart says, ‘you are enough.’” Silver

If you’re sick of self-improvement today, this card is for you! Maybe nothing needs to change, grow, or evolve. Because you are “Love itself”, there is nowhere you have to go. In all situations today, remember, you are enough. Relax and enjoy your usual flow of activity in that heart space. Revel in whatever you have.

June 5 – Friday


“Show me, Divine, how to love and fully care for this body.” Silver

Aren’t you amazed at all the contradictory health rules? It really seems like each of our bodies is completely unique. Ask the Divine today to show you how to care for your body. It starts with knowing it and accepting it as it is and then visualizing the Divine blueprint for its perfect form and functioning. Your body will speak to you through your intuition today about what it wants and needs to feel well. Listen.

June 6 – Saturday


“Divine confidence is completely different from the bravado of the ego.” Silver

Today, remember that strength always contains gentleness, and toughness always contains weakness. Let your larger self take hold. Ask the Universe for true confidence, which never contains haughtiness. You will discover true courage you never knew you had in an important situation today!

A Fun Spread to Try: The Outrageous Playfulness Spread

Tosha calls her cards “intentionally non-prescriptive” and invites us to interact with them and use them, not only as one-card focusing tools, but in “any other way you are drawn”.

I have adapted a spread for our reading this week, selecting one card for each day in the week. This is a good spread when we need help for something larger than ourselves. We each have a different concept of who or what that is, and attach a different name to that essence. But, it must be someone or something that contains benevolent intention toward us and which makes us feel trustful.

And, here’s the catch. They have to be playful, too, because through playfulness, creative solutions unfold for a lot of not very funny problems!

Shuffle the deck and concentrate on your most intractable, deep seated obstacle or issue. When you are ready, select seven cards randomly from the deck which you have placed face down on the table in front of you.

Lay them out in a spread in any configuration you like. For example, a circle, a star, a horizontal a vertical cross, or a flower shape. I laid them out in a clock-wise spiral because I like the way that shape feels to me.

Draw the first card you are impelled to grab, and turn it over in front of you:

Card 1– This is the first step on your pathway to freedom.

Card 2– This is the obstacle to taking that step.

Card 3– This is the second step to the solution.

Card 4– This is what contributes to your resistance to taking it.

Card 5– This is the third step toward what you most need and want in the situation.

Card 6– This is what sabotages you and prevents you from taking this step.

Card 7– This is the essence of the “Promised Land” for you. And the outrageous truth is that you are already there!

Thanks for journeying with me through the Wild Offering Oracle this week! See you again.

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