When Psychic Readings Differ

If you call more than one psychic on a regular basis you already know that no two readings will ever be quite the same, even when you ask the exact same question. Since each psychic you consult is tapping into your energy and your future, you may wonder why you get similar — but not the same — messages from each reader? Here’s what our psychics had to say:

“Psychic abilities and readings are as individual and unique as a person’s fingerprints,” Gina Rose ext. 9500 reports. “As a psychic with 43 years of experience and as somebody who has trained readers for 28 years, I can say that you will never meet two psychics who read the same way.”

“Despite media stereotypes, we all come from different backgrounds and we each have a unique set of gifts, skills, talents and expertise that factors into the reasons that we interpret the same information differently,” Liam ext. 9290 adds.

Antara ext. 5229 points out that psychics may be more gifted in specific areas or may develop a very personalized style of reading over time. Some psychics, for instance, may be able to tap into dates, timing and names, or the future in a more detailed manner than others. Tarot card spreads and symbols don’t have one universal meaning for all who read them. As readers deepen their relationship with the symbols and archetypes of the cards, their experience shows them new ways of interpreting the answers.

Spirit guides also reveal different sides of the same story. They often pick up on things others may not see. “I know that my guides give me images that might not make sense to someone else,” Reed ext. 5105 tells. “It’s up to me to determine what these images mean for the caller.”

The relationship between the caller and the psychic is also critical in a reading, along with the way a psychic responds to their emotional energy. “If a caller is feeling hopeless,” Reed ext. 5105 adds, “I not only answer the question I am asked, but I also give additional information that comes to me which might relieve their anxiety. I might also reveal unfortunate information in a highly compassionate manner.”

“The real spiritual truth has a way of coming through in each reading,” reveals Kallista ext. 9623 about multiple readings on the same subject. “I often tell clients that it is good to speak to several readers to gain a full perspective, because each psychic may find a different piece to the client’s puzzle.”

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