What are Soul Cards?

We’ve all heard of Tarot, Angel, Archangel, Goddess, and Oracle cards, but what about Soul Cards?

An artist named Deborah Koff Chapin created an Oracle-like deck with 60 cards. She painted evocative watercolor images on each one. The depictions often conjure strong emotional responses. Soul Cards don’t have formal meanings, so it’s up to your intuition to decipher them. Each card taps into a different element of the psyche. Unlike most decks, they don’t come with a guide book or manual, either.

One of our new psychics uses them! Do you?

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6 thoughts on “What are Soul Cards?

  1. mina

    hello , i dream when my dad died. he was holding a little boys hand and smiling at me. within 2 years i became pregnant with my son. my dad told me the music is beautiful in heaven a sound like you never hear . it is paridise. said god gives you a chose to be born again or stay in heaven. he said he died to be with my mom who died 2 weeks before him. but she wants to come back. he said you could go were ever you wanted to at anytime. I want to ask a question to joyce are you on the physic lines do you have a website. thanks. many blessings.

  2. Kathryn

    Yes I use Soul Cards and have been since they first appeared about 5 years ago. I found the first deck to be darker than the second one. My clients liked the results when I use the second deck. They leave happier. I use the deck to sum up tarot readings or just by itself if I do a channeling.

  3. Crystal Hart

    I came across the first set of the soul cards 7 years ago and I really love useing them with my rune readings. It helps me give more clarity to people I do my readings for.

  4. Panda

    I bought one after a tarot reading introduced them to me. She said that one can combine both decks (Soul Cards and Soul Cards 2) and interpret the cards.

    The art is beautiful!


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