This Week in Tarot: October 30 – November 5

The Power of Tarot

The heart is such an extraordinary part of our life. It keeps the blood pumping and sets the sparks of love off like fireflies on a warm summer night. No one likes being hurt or heartbroken, so once again I am consulting with “The Psychic Tarot for the Heart” for guidance into the week ahead.

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WIN OR LOSE. Keywords: disagreement, ego, detach and love. When we’re involved in a disagreement in our love life, the love seems to go out the window and all we want to do is give up. Giving up can be closure. It can also be a new beginning where we find ourselves reevaluating the love energy. You could come out stronger, able to maintain a cohesive connection to your loved one. In the evening, CHALLENGING TIMES. Keywords: ego, conflict, challenges and competition. Once I was asked if I want to be right or happy. What a profound statement that was and this card is about helping you figure that out for yourself. The ego is a helpful tool to give us a feeling of self-worth. Use it wisely when conflict occurs. Step back, really look at the challenge and go from there.


REFUSING TO SEE. Keywords: assess, decide, impasse and honesty. There are times when we fool ourselves into thinking our relationships are not what they should be. We just move along hoping that each new day brings what we want. Open your eyes, meditate and allow your third eye to manifest the truth. Then get to work on making your relationship a reality of love. In the evening, WELL–DESERVED REWARD. Keywords: discipline, gracious, compassion and satisfaction. After a long day of work, love comes popping up. The good news is a positive vibration rings in the evening. The efforts you made are paying off and your love life is back on track. If you’re single, you have also accomplished some thinking about love and have a new direction in which to pursue your desires.


BALANCE. Keywords: renew, acknowledge, compromise, equality, harmony and healing. Spending time together is one of the most important parts of any of relationship. But is your love balanced? Make sure you’re doing your part to bring balance and harmony to the partnership you so adore. In the evening, SHINE. Keywords: believe, realize, harness, enthusiasm, potential and breakthrough. Take these keywords to heart. They are a symbol of all the positive energy that surrounds you. It’s a sign that improvements will occur.


HEALING BEGINS. Keywords: release, heal, assistance and hope. In order to heal you need to let go. It’s a wonderful experience as you learn to forgive those you’ve parted ways with and embrace your strength to do the right thing. In the evening, REST & CONSIDERATION. Keywords: fatigue, perseverance, strength and recharge. No one ever said you wouldn’t have to work at love, but tonight you can relax. Being comfortable enough so you can think is important. The love must continue and your need to make your points strong. Think first, then have the conversation.


MANIFEST. Keywords: act, create, focus, magic, clarity and intent. In order to manifest your goals, you need to keep your intentions clear. Action is the most important part of the day. You can take steps as long as the nucleus is the most important part of the plan. In the evening, DAYDREAMS & DECISIONS. Keywords: fantasies, imagination, opinions and choose. All the thoughts throughout the day give way to pondering what to do with the dynamic ideas you come up with. Tonight, make your to-do list and get the recommendations in order.


TAKE THE LEAD. Keywords: enthusiasm, initiative, grounding and creativity. Tapping into the vitality of your love life brings strong energy and new opportunities find their way to you. Before the weekend begins is would be great to do some grounding exercises. By taking the lead, you can develop a great foundation. In the evening, TEACH. Keywords: shepherd, advise, learn, wisdom, reflection and beliefs. Not only have you given instruction, you have also gathered information that’s of great use to you. The wheel of karma is turning, your wisdom is rising to the top and you are on fire with ideas. Guide gently.


BELIEVE & SUCCEED. Keywords: confidence, achievement, inspiration and recognition. When we pray or use creative visualization our desires become enlightenment. It’s proof that when our way of manifesting works, it keeps us coming back for more. In the evening, MOVING ON. Keywords: change, cycle, stagnation and authenticity. Without evolution a relationship becomes complacent. This is a point where one might move on. If you are considering staying, then do the work needed so moving on moves on.

11 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: October 30 – November 5

  1. Tenley ext 5602

    Your spiritual abilities spoke to me this week !!!! Especially with the election that freaked me out so badly. Thank you, Our Darling Quinn, you spoke what I needed to hear !

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi my dear Tenley,
      My all the sounds of love and joy be your mantras to keep the calm.
      Metta Waves,

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Alfredo,
      The article in this blog is about the Tarot not astrology – look at the horoscope blogs…

  2. Jane N

    I like reading these I find it opens your mind and see all the possibilities..just wish I knew if a love was coming back for real this time.

  3. LJ

    Inspiring and enlightening as always. It’s fun to look ahead and see what’s to come, but it’s even more fun to look back and see how accurate these tarot readings can be and how they truly apply to daily life. Love it~Thanks.

  4. Miss. M

    I have been waiting patiently for a response from a love. Are my patience going to be rewarded? Will things work out before the end of the month?

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Miss M,
      While you are in limbo about your love why not enjoy the time you have and stop waiting. When the time is right love will work as it should and happiness will be yours.

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