This Week in Tarot: January 15 – 21

The Power of Oracle Cards

This week I am using the “Ask Your Guides” Oracle Cards. Although this series is usually about Tarot, I like to mix things up. Oracle cards provide valuable insights too, but in a different way. Each card will uncover the energy for the day and evening that we can certainly use to make life better. The four words following the name of the card are power words and a message from the guides. Their wisdom will help us explore options, and this could also be a life changing week if we use their knowledge as they give us Divine insight. Open your heart and let’s cocreate a life full of blessings.

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EPIPHANY/HIGHER SELF. Inspiration, Breakthrough, Revelation, Divine Guidance. Today is a day of awakening. In fact, we come to understand that the Higher Self is inside the heart, as it is the heart of the universe. This also makes the feeling of connectedness undeniable. We are given the gift of a deeper understanding as we move forward on our path. In the evening, IMAGINATION/INNER CHILD. Nocturnal Dreams, Daydreaming, Reverence, Fantasy. In the stillness of the night our inner child speaks to us. It says that we are losing touch with the creative side of life and we are also letting fun pass us by. Do not allow your mood to become negative, as the inner child wants to play. Instead, use this vibration to learn how to have fun with your creative gifts.


BUSINESS/VENUS. Money, Profits, Bargaining, Negotiating. If you do what you love in your career, you never work a day in your life. How many can say that they are happy with the work they do? Working from the heart is not easy, yet this card is showing us it is certainly possible. It is also a good day for making money, and you should know that working with love is a win-win outcome. In the evening, GRACE/HOLY SPIRIT. Harmony, Beauty, Prosperity, Elegance. Trust yourself with your instincts and logic. There is a balanced energy that we can use to feel centered and egoless. The mantra is “Walk in grace. All is well.”


RESTRICTION/JOY GUIDES. Assumptions, Rigidity, Limitations, Prejudice. Being aware of traps and wrongdoers, the Joy Guides have our back. It is a day of mindfulness and if you are feeling stuck, the guides will certainly help to get the flow going again. In the evening, EXHAUSTION/DIVINE HELPERS. Overload, Mania, Workaholism, Overdrive. The word for the night is “moderation.” This is the lesson the Diving Helpers are showing us, and in fact, they oversee our success. Tonight, you need rest, and in the morning you will feel new and fresh.


INTERVENTION/CREATIVITY GUIDES. Adaptation, Adjustment, Transformation, Challenge. How does one turn poison into medicine? The guides will help you focus on what you need to do to change your life for the better. Making changes will not be as hard as it seems, because the guides are showing us the way. We find the knowledge to help others as the tools needed will certainly be presented. In the evening, PHYSICAL BODY/GAIA. Nutrition, Physical Well-being, Groundness, Practicality. With the Divine Earth Mother guiding us tonight we can look for a wonderful experience by enhancing our bodies and not being so much into our heads. The mantra from Gaia is “Pay attention to your body.”


TRUTH/HIGHER SELF. Honesty, Clarity, Discipline, Intellect. Today we are being asked to check our bank accounts, fix our budgets, check our eating habits and anything else that is out of whack. Get a handle on it. Opening up to the truth can be painful, yet in the end it will also guide you to being the best you can be. In the evening, PURPOSE/MASTER TEACHER. Consistency, Dedication, Reliability, Faithfulness. After an intense day, the light in your mind goes on and you surely realize your purpose. Being prepared for the next phase of your life is certainly something to sleep on.


APPRECIATION/DIVINE. Family, Collective, Society, Community. This is so important for recognition, realization and knowledge to take shape. We view the collective as all, and also pay homage to those who have touched our hearts. The Divine Source jump-starts our spiritual journey, leading us into the weekend with high hopes and lots of compassion. In the evening, EXHAUSTION/DIVINE HELPERS. Overload, Mania, Workaholism, Overdrive. Thank goodness for the Diving Helpers of the universe, for we are tired and need rest to regain our energy. We have surely done enough. We are being gently reminded not to overdo it.


REST/HOLY SPIRIT. Meditation, Prayer, Withdrawal, Retreat. Listening to spirit improves the way the day will go. Take the time to do the things that allow your mind, body and spirit to mesh into a beautiful thing. Today is a day of enlightenment. In the evening, DISCIPLINE/MASTER TEACHER. Dedication, Training, Work, Skills. Getting your act together has never been more clear. Tonight, situations that teach lessons open you up to new ideas and the examination of your heart.

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