A Tarot Spread to Get Through Hard Times

A Tarot Spread for Hard Times | California Psychics

Using Tarot to Check in with Yourself

Even during peaceful times, it’s important to check in with yourself and the Universe. A great way to do this is by using tarot cards. Every card in the deck will have something to say to you, even if you’re not using it to connect to a higher level. Pulling a daily card is a great way to focus on different aspects of your life and seek growth.

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Preparing for the Reading

Before beginning a reading, it’s a good idea to ask if there are any cosmic “voicemails” waiting. Sometimes the cards have something I need to know that isn’t directly related to my query, and checking in before that with either a one or three card spread just focused on what message I may be missing makes it easier for me to trust the cards that follow.

During your reading, try to limit distractions, I like to read in silence or with music on, but no background TV or chatter if it can be avoided. Burning incense or Palo Santo to cleanse the energy of the room beforehand is also helpful. Trust your instincts, trust the cards. Sometimes our intuition doesn’t line up with what we’re seeing, stick with the reading and see it through, avoid putting cards back and pulling others. Sometimes the message is only clear in the end, when you see how the cards interact with and influence each other.

A Tarot Spread for Hard Times

During times of great distress, especially communal distress like we’re experiencing now with the Coronavirus Pandemic, tarot can be a vital lifeline. Here is an easy spread you can use to look at what’s happening right now, and the best way to handle it. This spread looks at you as an individual, and not at the larger situation, to help keep you feeling grounded and self-aware, and you can see the cards that this spread gave me below, along with what each card is an indicator for. This spread looks at what the greatest challenge for you is right now, how to overcome it, what you need from those around you, what they need from you in turn, and where to direct your energy moving forward. Here is a sample spread:

Card One: What is the biggest obstacle for me right now?

Ten of Coins. This card almost always represents the pinnacle of financial stability and security. If it appears to you in this position, when we are asking what the biggest obstacle is, then we know that the biggest focus for you personally should be on your finances.

Card Two: What is the best path for overcoming this obstacle?

Five of Coins. Often referred to as the miser card, the Five of Coins is usually a warning of a dire financial situation. However, we must take into account the placement of the card. We are asking how to overcome this obstacle, and the cards are telling us that the best thing to do is rely on retirement funds, credit cards, crowdfunding, and the help of loved ones.

Card Three: What do I need from others right now?

Three of Cups. Friendship, allyship, communication. It is not the harsh, brutal reality that the Five of Swords (and the news) might bring when communicating, but rather the gentle assertions and support of those closest to you. Communication should be a conduit for growth and for safety. Friendship is healing. If you find yourself feeling isolated— reach out.

Card Four: What do others need from me?

Ten of Cups. A card of happiness, joy, togetherness, and familial love. If you find yourself on the outs with one resource, you might be called to repay with another, more available resource. This card in this placement means that you can act as a pillar of strength and community for family and friends. What others need from you is your warmth and support.

Card Five: What do I need to focus on moving forward?

The World. Quite literal, but also metaphorical. The world is big and multifaceted and all of us are on it together, perhaps now in a way that is totally unprecedented. We are a global community, and so we must heal as such. On an internal level, this card represents a sense of completion. If you are stuck at home, explore the world within. Write your book. Start painting. Redecorate. Our society requires us to sacrifice so much personal time that we inevitably put off our own more buried desires. This is the time to explore them.

Now that you’ve read our sample spread, try it on your own and let us know what cards you pulled. If you need help interpreting your cards, call one of our expert Tarot Psychics today.

Connecting and Growing

Tarot is both spiritual and psychological. Any opportunity we have to look inward and reflect is going to bode well for our mental health. Growth is challenging, but it is especially vital whenever we feel a sense of chaos and uncertainty, and it is more so now, as we face down the COVID-19 pandemic together. If we can remember to connect back to ourselves, to each other, and to the Universe, the way forward will be infinitely clearer.

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