Survival Tips from Psychics

When your personal universe appears to have toppled over on its side literally crumbling around you – into a growing pile of trouble, negativity and despair – is there a way to get out? How do you make it stop? Do you have any control over what is happening when the proverbial “Why me (or us)?” question plagues you night and day?

Our psychics tell us that depending on your personal situation, it can mean that life lessons are just screaming to be resolved, that you’re in a life pattern of difficulty or you are being tested spiritually. Maybe you’re responding to a personal or even worldwide wake-up call. As crazy as it may sound when it seems like everything is going wrong all at once, you may just need a simple shift in perception to get your life back on course.

The truth is that these are not easy times for anyone. So whether your own life has been affected a little or a lot by our planet under stress, here are some of our psychic’s best ideas on how to understand tough times.

Another take on why troubles can work like a neverending nightmare, can happen because of what Blu ext. 9618 calls the “EWS Syndrome” (Everything Wrong Syndrome). When people actually look at the trouble in their lives piece by piece, take apart what’s good and what’s bad, they often find that everything is really okay except for maybe one thing. “If you stay in gratitude when your life appears to go haywire, those huge problems actually become smaller.” He recommends the words of Albert Einstein as a mantra for those times when your world looks bleak… “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

So, if life is a series of spiritual tests, a path of lessons, our purpose for being here, the way we grow as individuals and in the larger scope as a people… does knowing all of that make overwhelmingly difficult times easier? Not if we continue to concentrate on all that is lost. Instead, when life is nothing but troubles we need to pay attention, our psychics say, or pay the price of staying stuck in our woes.

“Accept that we are being tested every day. Look at those things that aren’t working, have faith in yourself and allow yourself to let go,” tells Angel ext. 9266. “I had a client who would call so angry at the world that she would yell at me. She said she couldn’t possibly be tested any more than she’d already been tested, that she’d worked harder than anyone she knows and yet, her life was full of problems. The trouble was,” Angel could see in her readings, “that she wanted life to go her way. But the universe just doesn’t work that way. Once my caller understood that she was waiting for something to happen that wasn’t in her best interest, she became liberated from what she considered her bad luck.”

Changing thought patterns is the ultimate exercise for turning things around, our psychics suggest. Let go of your expectations of people and things you cannot control, let go of outgrown ideas about your self or your situation and put a positive spin on the negative to actively turn troubles around.

Take a step back out of your own way and look at what might need to change in order to take the flow of life into consideration. For instance, some people today are still trying to live their lives the way they always did, keeping up with a certain lifestyle that may no longer be valid in the scheme of things. Do the right thing for yourself and things will get better, our psychics suggest.

When going through turmoil and imbalance, Emma ext. 9591 advises nurturing your spiritual side. “Don’t hesitate to call on a higher power or your guides, to help you ease your situation. And, above all, know that you are worthy of happiness.”

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