The Secret Tarot: May 24 – 30

Secret Tarot: May 24-30 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

So much twelfth house activity! What happens behind the scenes is now coming into the spotlight of consciousness. It seems the perfect time to use the Secret Tarot by Lo Sacarabeo, with illustrations by Marco Nizzoli for our reading this week.

Callers report that dream activity is unprecedented, along with family and intimate arguments happening behind closed doors. No doubt the energy inside is heightened by the current situation outside. The invisible pathogen causing Coronavirus wends its way through all strata of income and position, appearing and affecting different people in such different ways.

Faces are covered by protective masks, and hands, usually enclosed in other hands, are shrouded by gloves instead. Let’s peek under the mask to view what the energies of the week ahead hold for us.

May 24 – Sunday

Four of Pentacles

This is not a good time to count pennies, or to “spend dimes to save nickels.” Your constructs about money are going to blast apart. Sounds scary, but really is wonderful. There will be grid breaking events which change the whole way you view giving and receiving. It is vastly for the better. Be thrifty but don’t be mean, be frugal but not greedy.

May 25 – Monday

Queen of Wands

You have a friend in “high places”. This could be a spirit guide, an angel, a human friend, or associate. Trust their motives because they are good. It is a time to listen to the wise. They are receiving helpful information on behalf of us all. A breakthrough will come unexpectedly for you. It will help you to trust in the future.

May 26 – Tuesday

Queen of Chalices (Cups) reversed

Keep your own counsel today, especially as it relates to “sensitive” information about other family members or friends. Someone in your environment could be speaking recklessly and not realize that they aren’t in full possession of the facts.

Develop the habit of knowing that everything you say will be repeated to at least three people. If something isn’t necessary, true, and kind, don’t comment.

May 27 – Wednesday


Balance is the key to making today happy. Work a little, play a little, rest a little, meditate, visualize, and snooze. Look for balance in what you consume, give, spend, and receive. What needs to be added into the mix today, or extracted? Add anything that will bring more harmony to your life. Tai Chi and yoga will help you with patience.

May 28 – Thursday

Eight of Chalices (Cups)

Leave behind that which has been a cause of your joy, but which is now spent and over with. It will feel stark and scary. This refers to a job, a style of life, or a project you have been deeply invested in. By leaving it truly in the past the next phase will feel even more gratifying. Remember that this is an ending and a beginning.

May 29 – Friday

Knave (Page) of Pentacles

Some elementary knowledge about something important to you needs to be acquired before you can excel. Be humble and have a beginner’s mind. With that piece in place you will shoot to the advanced level in no time. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Kind people in your environment will share the information and skill you need.

May 30 – Saturday

Six of Chalices (Cups)

Simple pleasures reign today. Get on a swing. Walk barefoot in cool grass. Pick wildflowers. Swim in a secluded lake. A special companion may join you and it could double the fun. Ask your child self what it feels like doing. Have fun sifting through your favorite memories. Indulge in a little daydreaming and remember to make it happy!

A Fun Spread to Try: The Forward into the Future Tarot Spread

This is a four-card spread which answers why and how we get stuck, and then helps us to move forward into manifesting more of what we want to create. Stuck energy can come from unprocessed emotion residing in our chakras, from our view of other people and events, and from their experience, memory, and judgments about us. When discomfort and limitation make us feel less than alive, we can use tarot as a tool to blast through the blockages.

This reading points us to where the challenges are in our energy. What do we get from holding on to these limitations from the past and from making them part of our story? How can we dump the pictures that are no longer useful, and move on to more freedom and joy?

Shuffle the deck well, and focus on where in your body the unprocessed energy resides. You will know this by discomfort or numbness in the areas of the chakras involved, as you breathe, and “scan” your energy.

When you are ready, place the cards face down on the table and randomly select four cards from the deck. Lay them face down horizontally in front of you, and turn them over one at a time, starting from the left.

Really focus and take your time while reading each individual card, examining and making associations from what the images tell you about the issue.

Card One– What is the root of this challenge?

Card Two– What holds you to the past?

Card Three– What are the advantages you receive while holding on?

Card Four– What would help you step into a future you would truly like to see?

You will know the old, stuck energy has released when you feel neutral, clear, and your sense of humor returns!

Nice to have you with me today! See you again sometime.

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