How Our Psychics Discovered Their Abilities

How Our Psychics Discovered Their Abilities | California Psychics

Something Out of the Ordinary

Have you ever received a message, seemingly from nowhere, that proved beneficial to you or a loved one? Do you regularly experience déjà vu? Or perhaps you’ve seen details from another person’s life that you couldn’t possibly know. Recognizing psychic abilities in ourselves is a common question among California Psychics readers, so we asked some of our own psychics about their first psychic experience. Read on to learn how some of your favorite psychics discovered their abilities.

Psychic Kallista

I had my first psychic experience while driving, I heard a still, small voice say, “Go see your uncle.”

I’d gone to see him recently, and though he lived alone, he seemed to be doing well. I thought back, “I have! I visited him two weeks ago!”

I drove on, and the voice came again, “Go see your uncle.”

Once again, I resisted it, but it worried me that this voice was persisting. I thought of Sunday School lessons where I’d been taught that the Holy Spirit speaks to us in a “still, small voice.” I suddenly realized that this could be exactly what was happening, and with a growing sense of urgency, I turned toward my uncle’s home.

As I walked to his front door, it scared me to see that it was ajar. I called his name. He came to the door, wordless. He was stark naked. His eyes were glazed over, as if in a trance. Frightened for him, I ran to call an ambulance. The hospital diagnosed him as having had a stroke. Thankfully, he survived it.

I wondered about this incident for a long time afterward; did Spirit really speak to me, somehow? Was it possible to have steady psychic guidance from Spirit?
In time I got my answer to each question, and it was “yes.”

I never resisted that voice again. I explored my intuition further, hoping to help others with it. Clinging to the scripture that says the Holy Spirit will show us things to come, I read many books to develop this gift of Grace. I sought out teachers, practiced meditation, and took classes. I discovered that a prayerful mind opens and sustains our direct connection with Spirit.

This experience, among others, helped open the door for me to become a professional psychic. I’m so glad it did.

Psychic Daska

Like many children, I had imaginary friends. But as I grew, they never really went away; I honestly thought everyone saw and heard what I did. My parents just assumed that it had to do with my creative and artistic nature and never thought twice about it.

I think a turning point for me was when I was ten years old and my family was getting ready to go out. My brother, dad, and I were in the car waiting for my mum who had answered the phone as we were heading out the door. I remember sitting in the backseat when I got an odd feeling and said: “Cousin Marie passed away.” My dad gave me a very quizzical look and told me not to be silly, as she was fairly young.

A few moments later my mum came out of the house with a sad, serious look on her face and, once in the car, gave my dad the news that her cousin had indeed passed away overnight, completely unexpectedly. My dad, who was very practical and not at all superstitious, looked back at me in amazement. Nothing was said, but his look spoke volumes. It was at that point that I started to hold back knowing things because I knew it would just cause issues.

I got my first deck of Tarot cards from a friend when I was about 13 and it felt so comfortable and familiar to me that I never stopped using them. I never would have imagined that something as simple as a deck of cards with beautiful pictures would change my life and those for whom I did readings.

Over the years my toolbox has expanded to include everything from Le Normand type decks to Celtic Ogham staves, Rune stones to the energy lines that connect us. I love how each tool brings a new layer to the overall picture, and by using multiple approaches I am able to get a much clearer picture of what people are dealing with in their lives.

Psychic Cameron

I discovered my psychic ability by accident. I was at a Halloween party with friends and we were all sitting around eating and enjoying ourselves. I was introduced to some people I’d never met before and they joined our group. The woman next to me had great energy and at one point I said to her, as a joke, “I will now begin to tell your fortune.” I said it in a big booming voice like a corny stage magician and my point was to amuse her and all my friends.

The perceptions I gave the woman at the party seemed random. I saw her wearing a yellow bathing suit on the beach, I saw the country Spain, I saw an airplane and her dancing underneath, like someone in the ballet.

She told me that she was a dancer who was now a flight attendant and she had just gone on vacation to Spain in her lovely new yellow bathing suit. This wasn’t an earth-shattering reading about breaking up with a boyfriend, or about leaving a job, but it was too accurate to be just joking, either. I was curious about what had just happened to me.

Later that evening, I read someone else at that same party, and I had a similar experience. After that woman left, a guy said, “Can I try?” I took his hand and asked if he lived next to a McDonalds. That’s the word I saw. He said no, but he lived on McDonald Street. A week later, another man I met at a dinner party asked me about his finances. I was starting to practice with strangers, with their permission, by then. What I saw seemed bizarre, but I chose to share it because he asked. In his case, I saw a wealthy woman holding a small dog get out of a very expensive car, a pink Cadillac, in front of a large building.

I told what I saw, and instead of walking away rolling his eyes, he nodded. “I thought so,” he said. “That’s my business partner, someone who invests in my company. She’s very rich. We own a building together. I was going to call her tomorrow for a loan, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing. You’ve helped me make the decision.”

I’ve learned over the years, and I tell anyone I teach, to trust that first impression. Sometimes that makes all the difference with professional psychics; I’ve learned to trust that impression, regardless. It is the trust that I believe defines what I do the most as a psychic. Thank the Universe that I made that joke at that party. It shaped my entire career!

Begin Your Journey

Have you had similar experiences to our psychics? If you connected with any of their stories, our psychics are standing by to give you a reading on your own abilities, or any other questions that might be keeping you up at night. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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5 thoughts on “How Our Psychics Discovered Their Abilities

  1. Pamela Taylor

    Wonderful insight to All readings. Not sure if i do have this ability yet I strongly feel connected. Help me to explore, open up. Guidance. Thank you.

  2. Elaine

    I too have had several occasions when I knew something before it happened or knew what someone was going to say…. What I’d like to know is how to open my mind to allow spirit in and be able to turn it off when needed.

  3. Ida

    I have been psychic always. A long road to except who I am. I scare myself with my abilities. But I believe it’s Gods will that I am this way. I have always tried to help people. Don’t know where to start to explain or what to say. I just am who I am

  4. Sara

    I dream and I see it after few weeks or days sometimes but I don’t know home to activate my spiritual growth. Is any body can help me and I can heal people!


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