Psychic Workout: Sacred Stones

Emmie of Iloilo, Philippines writes:

Is there any stone that absorbs all negative energies in your body?

There are a variety of stones you can easily work with to influence different aspects of your life. Some stones are precious and hard to come by, while others are more commonly recognized and easy to find.

In response to your question, many healers work with amethyst, as it is cherished for having the ability to absorb negative energy while emitting positive energy. Additionally, quartz crystal is a stone which has multiple uses, one of which is to draw out negative energy. Keep in mind, once you have removed all the “negative energies” in your body, there are additional stones you may choose to work with to help protect you from re-absorption of negative energy, stones which will assist in keeping you grounded, and those that promote continued healing.

This exercise will help familiarize you with the different energies inherent in stones and crystals.

1) Locate seven different stones or crystals. Before beginning to work with them, cleansing is absolutely necessary. You want to remove any residual energetic imprints on the stones. To do this, I suggest bathing them in (sea) salt water for purification, and rinsing with clean water. Allow them to air dry in the Sun.

2) Select a crystal, (one at a time), and hold it in your clasped hands. Close your eyes and allow your mind to go blank as you begin opening your third eye. Focus on the energy you begin to feel from the stone. If your analytical mind says, “How can I do that?” relax into this exercise, ignoring your analytical mind, as you allow your intuitive senses to take over.

3) How does the crystal feel? Sharp, coarse, soft, glowing, heavy, friendly, cold, energizing?
Open your eyes and note the stone you chose and your reactions to the stone.

4) Take another stone. While repeating the same process, notice the difference in the initial impressions you receive about the newly selected stone. Do this until you have examined all seven stones. You will notice that by the time you have reached the 4th or 5th stone, the exercise has become much easier as your analytical mind has temporarily surrendered to your intuition.

5) After you have acquainted yourself with the stones, review the different impressions you received, comparing and contrasting the stark differences and similarities. If there are any stones that need a second opinion, allow yourself to reexamine the stone. Pay attention if there is a certain stone that you were particularly drawn to, or repelled by. Did any make you nauseous, or woozy? It is possible that you are being drawn to a particular stone’s energy to mend an imbalance.

Below is a chart of commonly known properties associated with stones. Feel free to compare your interpretations with these traditional attributions.

AMETHYST: Reduces negative energies. Improves psychic abilities.

BLOODSTONE: An intense healing stone that purifies. Revives love and relationships.

CITRINE: Material gain, business success and prosperity.

FLUORITE: Mental clarity. Enhances your ability to concentrate.

HEMATITE: The most grounding of all stones. Calming, soothing, aids in sleeping.

JADE: Humility and compassion.

JASPER: Chronic health issues or when your energy feels low.

LAPIS LAZULI: Reduces anxiety, restlessness. Promotes intuition.

MALACHITE: Reduces depression and anger.

MOONSTONE: Maintains and enhances female health.

MOSS AGATE: Promotes agreeability, persuasiveness and strength in negotiations.

OBSIDIAN: Protection. Used as a Scrying tool.

QUARTZ: Multi-purpose healing stone that can draw and send energy. An amplifier for psychic energy and aids in visualization.

ROSE QUARTZ: Emotional harmony, love, sexuality, romance, beauty, kindness.

TIGERSEYE: Optimism, and creativity.

TURQUOISE: Turquoise is the ancient absorber of negativity, and highly guarded by Native Americans. Balancing and healing stone, bringing energy into alignment.

How do your impressions compare to the chart above?

After familiarizing yourself with this exercise, you will soon discover how easy it is to incorporate stones into your life. Placing crystals in your home can shift the energy and family dynamics. Grab a stone as you walk out the door, and place it in your pocket. Whether you choose moonstone to assist with female menstrual health, fluorite for concentration, or moss agate in anticipation of an important business meeting, stone magic will enhance your life, even for the busiest professional.



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