Psychic Workout: How to Consult the Tarot

I’m frequently asked the question “Is it unlucky to read the Tarot for myself?” Not at all! In truth, an intimate bond with the Tarot manifests from personal use and reading for yourself.

For those wanting to tap into the Tarot’s wealth of information, there are countless books available, and thousands of decks now in publication to suit your specific interest. You will find several books which concentrate on the interpretation of the cards, while others choose to focus on one’s psychic connection while handling the Tarot. A devotion to studying the Tarot will certainly reward you with greater understanding – however, you may wonder when you should consult it. How does one use the Tarot for oneself on a regular basis? And how can you use and increase your connection with the Tarot when you’re not in a situation where you can read for others?

Following is a list of suggestions for when you may want to consult the Tarot:

1. Tarot-a-Day

Draw a Tarot card each morning upon waking in order to start your day with a special message and indication of what the day will bring.  This is also an excellent learning tool for those less acquainted with the Tarot. After drawing the card, ask your guides to teach you about the meaning of the card throughout the day’s experiences. Then, at the end of the day, look up the meaning of the card and compare the accuracy and application of the meaning of the card to the day’s events.

2. New Year’s Readings

For New Year’s readings, I suggest that you pull one card for each month, making note of its energy and what to expect in the year ahead. Make sure to write the reading down on paper, including any emotional reactions or psychic hits so that you can refer to your notes as the year progresses.

3. Birthday Readings

I always encourage other tarot students and enthusiasts to give yourself a reading on your birthday. As with any significant reading that you will want to refer to, note the cards and their  placement in the reading to see what you are encountering on your personal journey and what the Tarot reveals as important highlights for the coming year.

4. On the Go

As a busy mom, I am always on the go, and always in my car! So what did I discover? That a traditional size Tarot deck fits very nicely into my car’s cup holder! When I’m stopped at a red light, and a thought crosses my mind or I’m feeling anxious about a particular situation, I reach over and pull a single card to get a quick answer. I’ve also noticed that when I have a passenger with me, they will also be drawn to the cards and will either comment about them, or will pick a card and inquire, “What does this card mean?”

5. Consulting the Tarot About Lifestyle Decisions

These types of readings are performed most frequently, as the occasion arises, concerning the main issues in our lives; love and relationships, career, money, and health. The Tarot can be used as a compatibility assessing tool, and a source of comfort during the beginning of a new relationship when emotions prove too intense to gauge the longevity or reality of a relationship.  In our difficult economy, it can be comforting to consult the Tarot regarding the future, including aspects of financial security, job advancement, and even materialistic purchases. For health situations, the Tarot can be used as an intuitive guide, and maybe even a first response that something just isn’t quite “right,” but never to diagnose or replace a visit to the doctor!

6. When You Want a Second Opinion

You may be a loyal California Psychics customer, however you may have received a reading that left you feeling uneasy and you may want a second opinion. Perform a simple spread, or pull a few cards for a different perspective or to clarify points of the reading that may feel questionable.

7. Spontaneous Readings

I always keep a pocket size deck in my purse. I’ve been questioned in the most unimaginable places for a reading, including along side of a football game, at restaurants and coffee shops, and more commonly, at social mixers. It’s amazing how fun a party can become when the guests realize that there is a tarot reader in the house… and you may be fortunate enough to bring home a little extra cash from tips! This is an excellent source for those wanting to expand on their skills, or for new readers considering building a private Tarot reading business.

8. When You Don’t Like What You See

Occasionally consulting the Tarot for lifestyle situations can shed some light during difficult times, but it can become indulging. It’s best to work with the Tarot on a variety of different aspects of your life, and accepting the answer or insight our questions are given… the first time. If you don’t like the information offered, there can be a tendency to repeat the reading, hoping for a more positive outcome. It was Albert Einstein who commented that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Repeating a reading, on the same topic over and over again will simply lead to nonsense… or insanity!

The sacred Tarot is a mystery in itself. There are theories as to the cards’ origin, and occasionally a historical references presents itself among Tarot scholars, but its true origins remain uncertain. Regardless of the cards’ foundation, the Tarot deeply resonates with many of us, drawing us closer, wanting to be unveiled to reveal a deeper sense of wisdom and a source of guidance in our lives.



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  1. misskrystalmisskrystal

    wow how cool, marin-hopefully they can call you and ask if they are right track 🙂
    they should-they get could a reading, confirmation and tarot lesson-awesome!

  2. kelli5130

    Thank You Marin for another gift!

    With clarity and grace you illuminate mysteries for us. When the “scary” cards come up in a spread, it can be a reminder not to fall into an old habit or to work on this area of our life.

    Your beauty and light comes through in each of your articles. Thank you!

    Be Blessed


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