Psychic Workout: Augury

Augury is the interpretation of spontaneous occurrences in nature, such as the appearance of clouds, birds, and even black cats. These are called “omens,” signs that the Divine may be presenting to you, attempting to deliver a message through nature. Following are definitions of commonly known forms of augury, with corresponding interpretations.

Dust / Dirt (Abacomancy)
Abacomancy is the art and practice of foretelling future events by the observation of symbols in patterns of dust, dirt, sand, and even the ashes of the deceased. The origins and method of this type of divination have been lost in time, and it is a rare form of divination.

Air and Sky (Aeromancy)
Interpreting events which occur in the air and sky, including clouds, rainbows, fog and sunsets is called aeromancy. The most precious time for observation is at sunrise and sunset. You may remember the old saying “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky at morning, sailor’s warning.” This is an example of aeromancy. Others include that a rainbow surrounding the moon depicts hard times ahead, and heavy morning dew indicates a positive change of events.

Animals (Apanthomancy)
Apanthomancy is the interpretation of random encounters with animals. Don’t let that black cat cross your path! These animal appearances also occur in dreams, where we encounter animals acting as spirit guides here to deliver a message. Take note of what they say, and what feelings you have.

Wind (Austromancy)
Austromancy is the interpretation of the direction, force and patterns of wind. It is believed that wind coming from the East that blows in the same course of the Sun brings forth purification. The West wind, on the contrary, backs the Sun and wind blowing in this direction, and is said to dispel negativity.

Smoke (Capnomancy)
Capnomancy is a form of divination by interpreting the movement of smoke rising from a fire, whereby the smoke lingers and creates patterns, rather than ascending above. Take note of any images you may see, as the meanings are similar to dream interpretation and image symbolism.

Lightening (Ceraunomancy)
Ceraunomancy was practiced by the ancients, and consisted of making predications by the examination of lightning, which at one time was believed to be direct communication with the Gods. The ancient Romans practiced Ceraunomancy, and believed that bolts of lightening from the East were considered favorable omens, West were considered to be inauspicious, North were the most ominous of all, and Northwest indicated that bad news would soon arrive.

Water (Hydromancy)
The ancient Greeks believed that spirits dwelled in water, and hydromancy is a form of divination that involves the use of water to bring messages. Often a spirit will appear within the water and bring a message. Spend some time on a calm day alongside a body of water, such as a stream or lake, or large sacred bowl filled with water to receive messages from the divine. Relax and look within the pool of water, wait and observe. You can also drop a pebble in the water and read the ripples as they form.

Fire (Lychnomancy)
Lychnomancy is a form of divination by candle flame or fire. In this method, the diviner arranges three candles in a triangle fashion. If the flames all burn unevenly, it denotes danger. If one flame is exceedingly higher, it means a positive result. A wavering flame would indicate a journey, and any crackles and sparks indicate that you should be cautious, because there could be a sudden onset of bad luck.

Wood, Branches, Trees (Xylomancy)
Examining pieces of wood for symbolism and messages, including interpreting the patterns made by fallen branches, tree limbs and twigs that rest on the ground is known as xylomancy. This ancient mode of divination is evident in the movie Practical Magic, when a broom falls to the ground and somebody yells “company is coming!”

What message could the Divine be trying to send to you through nature? Pay attention to the signs!

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9 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: Augury

  1. Nicolasq Begemanf

    Because the admin of this web site is working, no uncertainty very shortly it will be famous, due to its quality contents.

  2. kallista

    Thank you Gina Rose. You rock for everything you say here. Yes, you are absolutely right about black cats and dogs and how we must stand watch over them, whether they are ours or not.

    Bless you for being a loving, caring guardian angel for those poor animals who so desperately need loving care, protection, tenderness, and a safe place to be. It does my heart good knowing there are people out there like you who fully understand what needs to be done and have the courage to do it!

    I also appreciate greatly the Wiccan wisdom you share with us. It is fascinating.

    Again, bless you, and I do hope you also had a “Merry Samhain!”

    Kallista, ext. 9623

  3. lover777

    Hi Marin,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, there are other signs as well. That was a really great and encouraging response. Thanks, Amanda

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I would also say keep a close eye on your black dogs too at this time of year!!!!!

    ……I also put a halt on the adoption of black dogs at the shelter, until well after Halloween …….not only are black cats seen as a bad omens but black dogs as well.

    I’ve seen a steady rise, in the past 5 years,of black dogs being tortured & killed around Halloween too.

    So many of these lovable animals are tortured & killed because of a crazy myth regarding the color of their fur ……it’s really sad.

    I personally rescued a solid black german sheperd/corgi dog last year…..some “crazy” tried to carve a perfect 8 inch circle, actually scalped a circle in his side… took many surgeries and skin grafting to heal him.
    After he was well enough to be adopted, but still has special needs because of his massive scar… I adopted him as my own dog. BatMan, my dog, is now doing great!

    So please lock up your black cats AND black dogs this time of year…..

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I agree with Kallista on the black cats…..the myth about black cats being bad luck is just that : a myth…..and a harmful one at that.

    And Thank You, Marin, for pointing out the superstition about black cats….. and showing the positive energy in that sign. ( I loved this article on Augury by the way…..nicely done! )

    Actually….as an hereditary Wiccan, ( I can trace my Wiccan roots back over 10 decades), I can tell you that decades and decades ago, it was originally the white hare or rabbit that farmers blamed for destroying their crops, or ANY ill fortune that befell them.
    Supposedly a ” witch ” would shape-shift into her ” familiar ” to do her evil bidding, such as eating the farmers crops out in the fields, in the form of a white rabbit,….. and the rabbit was considered bad luck .
    Over the course of a hundred or so more years the white rabbit nonsense changed to a black cat as being a sign of bad luck.

    But the twisted myth of the black cat has been the needless death of many black cats.
    And it is such a ridiculous superstition that most animal shelters will not adopt out any black cats right before and right after Halloween so that the crazies won’t hurt them, kill them, or worse kill them, skin them, and then make costumes out of them.

    I sit on the board of a no-kill animal shelter and I personally halted ANY adoptions of black cats Sept.1st thru Dec.1st because black cat abuse and torture is so common sadly at this time of year..

    And the Wiccan community overall see a black cat as a sign of good luck…not bad. As a matter of fact, REAL Wiccans love all animals regardless of color.

    So Kallista is correct…… so please,please,please lock up your black cats this time of year for their safety .

    Marin & Kallista…..have a Merry Samhain !!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. Ronelle

    Hi Marin

    I enjoyed reading your article today. Is there somewhere where we can find meanings to symbology. I have been seeing ducks lately. Today on my way to work I found a small duck feather and a voice in my head said to go back and pick it up whick I did. It felt as if it was a gift to me but I’m unsure of the meaning or purpose. Do you know where I can look to find out.

    Thanks for a great article.

  7. kallista

    Enjoyed this informative article, Marin. Thanks! I get the sense you have great compassion for others, including animals, and it’s good you point out the unfortunate superstition surrounding black cats.

    As you know, too many folks go beyond merely seeing them as a sign, and proceed to abuse, torture, and kill these poor creatures because they think they bring bad luck. This is of course horrifying to you and me and all of us who love animals.

    One way I’ve found to change this belief to a positive one is seeing black cats as a good luck omen! I’ve found that they are indeed bringers of good luck, and I welcome the sight, and company, of these beautiful beings.

    Halloween is almost here, and this is a good time to remind others to keep their black cats safely indoors.

    Thanks again for your great article helping folks understand these various methods of augury, and their underlying synchronicity, to support our intuition!


    Kallista, ext. 9623

  8. marin5113marin5113

    I would interpret these “signs” as though you are being protected. I would maintain a friendly/positive working relationship with him as it will work to your advantage in future projects, specifically one that is coming up In February.

    Instead of looking at these signs as negative warnings, equally pay attention to the positive messages in your life which are reminding you that you are right on track. For example, the fact you are recognizing something just isn’t quite right around him, and intuitively knowing you should keep a professional distance…. Your intuition is stronger than you may think!

    Thanks for your question.

    marin #5113

  9. lover777

    Hi Mari

    I saw 6mal66 on a license plate and more series of 6’s and then a black cat did cross my path! This was last Thursday and I couldn’t figure out what was going on! It was so glaring it was almost funny. Then I found out the other day that this guy I had been working with – things were strained, we didn’t click creatively – started to work with our partner without me. Now, how should I interpret this?

    That this is a good thing because he has negative intentions towards me and I should stay away? I’ve seen the series of 6’s (!) around his energy before and I know that things have not been right for a little bit here.

    I’m wondering if maybe it could mean that I should try to smooth things over with him though because maybe it’s a negative that we’re not working together more harmoniously? I’m leaning towards the not working with him at all and just behaving as diplomatically as possible when I am around him while moving on. Any comments… guidance?


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