Psychic Mikaela: How Tarot Sharpens Her Gifts

Like a Fine-Tooth Comb

We’d like to introduce you to Psychic Mikaela ext. 6405! She’s a talented Tarot reader who uses her deck to anchor her intuition and go deeper into her callers’ challenges, fears, frustrations and concerns. We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about how Tarot benefits both her and her callers. We hope you enjoy her insights!

1. When did you realize you were psychic?

Before I was 10 years old I realized I was different from most people. I was able to predict things before they happened and I had prophetic dreams. But once I started using Tarot I was really able to sharpen my gifts, and my deck has been a powerful centerpiece for my readings ever since.

2. How do you use Tarot cards during your readings?

As a clairaudient and clairsentient, I tap into my caller’s feelings while shuffling my deck. The cards anchor my intuition as I lay a particular spread, depending on the topic of discussion (love, career, money, life path, etc.). My deck helps me go deeper. Using the cards helps me retrieve the information that forms timelines and very precise details. The cards also confirm to my callers that not only do I have a direct spiritual line of communication with them, but also that the information I’m receiving is accurate. My deck is like the fine details in a beautiful painting that is a caller’s reading.

3. What are the benefits of a Tarot reading?

Tarot readings are all about details; they show the past, present and future. Tarot readings help your angels, guides and guardians connect to the physical world. Tarot is like a fine-tooth comb—it sees things that using intuition alone may miss. There are messages that can’t be reached through intuition alone, due to blocks or another reason, and Tarot can get around that.

4. How should your callers prepare for a Tarot reading with you? 

I encourage anyone interested in a Tarot reading to call with questions. Before calling, they should sit and meditate for a bit on what they’d like to focus on, and write down those burning questions. I also encourage callers to be open, so the reader can establish a strong and genuine connection. A strong, genuine connection means clear and accurate answers to questions! There is nothing more detrimental to a reading than a caller who is skeptical, doubtful and full of negative energy. Remember, psychics are here to help, not judge or make their callers feel uncomfortable. They have a caller’s best interest at heart.

We’d like to thank Psychic Mikaela for her time and insights! If you’ve read with her, we’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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